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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 9/15/00
    Community - Mailbag

9/15/00 - Mailbag: Back and Kickin' It! (Well, it's back, anyway.)
- by BenT

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address!

We've got a lot of miscellaneous stuff this time, and we'll start out with an answer to a query from the last Mailbag, oh so long ago...

From: Jeff
Subject: Sega Rally 2 Problem Feedback... and Virtua On

tell "randy" that there is a converter at that now converts PC keyboards, PSX controllers, and saturn controllers to Dreamcast. I think at the conversion point there is even a VMU slot. no Jump pack though, cause that would be kinda pointless. anyways with that converter he could use his old steering wheel (if not already sold) with Dreamcast and it SHOULD work fine. this also helps in the VO:OT twinstick problem. you can use the saturn twin sticks and they have perfect compatibility (or so I've heard). so its just a suggestion, it might make Virtua ON worthwhile to play. the only drawback (unless your bill gates) is that with the converter and the saturn twinsticks, i here the total comes to about $80.00. thats on top of the $50 for the game. so you end up spending about $130.00 for a game thats worth $50 (maybe) so, Im making due without the twinsticks.

Thanks for the answers! You still around, Randy?

From: Nicholas S. Hutton
Subject: Free ISP?

Hi i was wondering do you guys now of any free dremcast compatiable internet providers. I did have freeweb but there with juno now. I would really like if you guys could help me. thanks for your time.


Someone get John Smith out here, stat!

From: John Smith
Subject: Free Dreamcast ISP

I didn't really know how to get online with my Dreamcast, but I found this site and it shows you how to get online with it free by using Netzero (a free internet company). So for the people who were like me and thought they had to pay or something here is a site that shows you how to do it for free.

There you go. If that's out of date (and it may be, as free ISPs often change their login procedures), then check out this page courtesy of Caelth of the PDC Forums.

From: Pachi
Subject: SPR

is South Park Rally for DC 60 fps or 30fps? just curious

It sometimes peaks around 60, but is usually considerably lower. Oh, and here's a friendly tip: DO NOT BUY THAT GAME.


From: Phillip Hassell
Subject: Memory Loss

I had a complete saved game on Sonic Adventure in which I beat the game with every character (not to mention that I spent a long time trying to get all 150 Sonic Emblems!). I also had an incomplete second and third file. I had just beat the game with Tails on the third file. I turned off the system after it had already reached the title screen again. When I turned it back on, my entire files were gone! Yet strangely enough, the data is still shown on the VMU as saved. I have replaced the batteries for the VMU once before this happened. If I had pressed the reset button on the VMU would it have erased my saved games as well? Please tell me what happened?

Phillip Hassell

We have no clue what happened, but we certainly wouldn't use that VMU again! The batteries / reset button shouldn't have affected it, though.

From: Stoney
Subject: Cruisin Exotica..

Will it be on Dreamcast? Do you have any idea?


From: Nick Mealy
Subject: Readability

I'm sorry to do this, but I have to say, the black on grey gives me a headache. For short reading stints it's ok, but more than one review and my head hurts.

A lighter grey would be nice.

This is the first complaint of this type we've ever received. We can't help you in the short term, but the site is up for a redesign in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, you might try setting your browser to override the site's default colors.

From: Chris M. Pinto
Subject: Wacky Races Framerate "Fix"

Hi I just read your review on Wacky Races for Dreamcast, I haven't seen this mentioned in any reviews but it is possible to increase the framerate by pressing Start during gameplay ,go to Graphics and turn off "Black Outline", this allows a lot more cars onscreen before it bogs down a little ,Just thought I'd let ya know :)

Thanks for the tip!

From: Harold Crumel
Subject: College Football

When will Dreamcast come out with College Football and will we ever see a Soul Calibur 2? Is their another fighting game as good as Soul Calibur

No college football titles have been announced yet, a fact which confounds me. Judging from the amount of letters we get like this, the market is there, developers -- take advantage of it!

Another Soul Edge/Soul Calibur is almost a certainty, but what system it'll be on is up in the air. The latest rumors indicate that it'll be on Namco's System 246 hardware, which is basically an arcade version of the PS2. If this is true, a Dreamcast port would be very unlikely.

Is there another fighting game as good as Soul Calibur? It depends who you ask. A lot of people think Soul Calibur is the best 3D fighter, but the Virtua Fighter series also has quite a devoted following. Then you've got the Tekken camp, and the now completely shameless Dead or Alive series, and finally those freaky 2D fans (that would be me). In short, there really isn't a clear-cut answer to such a broad question. Your best bet would be to read up on reviews and try before you buy, so you'll find the fighters that are right for you without breaking the bank.

From: Randy
Subject: Sega Rally 2

I was just wondering why Resident evil did not include multi-player. Something similar to goldeneye or perfect dark for the dreamcast.

I don't know about you, but I would hate trying to deathmatch someone with Resident Evil's clunky controls. Still, maybe we'll see a deathmatch-oriented spin-off down the road... can't rule it out after the lightgun travesty Gun Survivor.

From: Milkman
Subject: Your Movies


What video player do I use with the movies you feature on your reviews? I tried Windows Media Player and Quicktime 4.x

(btw... please post this on your letters section. PLEASE. i've never ever ever (ever ever) had a letter posted on a letters section on any site. (ever).)

The latest version of Windows Media Player should be able to play the MPEG movies on our site. And if you're not running an OS made by Bill Gates, then you're probably smart enough to find a solution for yourself. ;)

That's it for this week. Have a burning question? First extinguish the damn thing, and then send it to this handy address.

Until next week!

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