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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 11/17/00
    Community - Mailbag

11/17/00 - Southeast Pennsylvanians Unite!
- by BenT

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address! Without further ado... let's go!

From: Alma
Subject: NOLF

i think your site is greater then great,but i got one guestion: IS NO ONE LIVES FOREVER coming to dreamcast.

You probably won't find this answer better than best, but we don't know. There have been no announcements of the game being ported to other platforms, period. Now, KISS Psycho Circus uses the LithTech engine just like NOLF, and that got ported... so, it is technically possible. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, the PC version looks pretty tasty...

From: Matt Barber
Subject: Test Drive 6

I just read your review about TD6, i thought that it was a fair review. However i think that it deserved better than a 4. I mean i bought SR2 when it first came out exspecting it to be the shit. Well i thought that it blew. An 8.5! thats a bad rating. I got TD6 for 15 dollars brand new at Toys R Us in Montgomeryville, Pa. Let me tell you it was the best 15 dollars that i think that i ever spent. I wasn't exspecting that much from it. But i cant stop playing it, its addicting as hell. I love how the tracks are always changing on you and people pulling out and cutting you off. I didn't have that hard of a time playing against the AI either, i found it challanging but not unbeatable. Im a big fan of the Grand Turismo Sceen and i auctually enjoy this game a lot more. I know that its a totally fake game, theres no way that half the stuff that happens in it could auctually happen, but thats how most games are. It reminds me of Crusin USA/World but a lot more fun. I guess that for now on ill still read the reviews but i don't think that i can go by what you guys say. Hopefully you'll re-look into this game or not praise SR2 as much as you did. Not that you probally care, but i hope that you do. I love Dreamcast ive been with it from the beginnig and im looking for word to many games to come, lets just hope that HL and Q3 wont be the last good games once Playstation 2 hits. Like the website, check it everyday.

A Big Fan,
Matt Barber

Well, there is a very subtle difference between Sega Rally 2 and Test Drive 6: Test Drive 6 sucks. That's our opinion, and we're stickin' to it!

I'm from southeast PA myself, so I have to ask: why are you going to the Montgomery Mall? King of Prussia kicks its sorry consumerist ass! :D

From: Louie Ambriz
Subject: Dreamcast Battery

Hi folks,

I was wondering if you knew what kind of battery (model number) the dreamcast uses for its internal memory. I removed it months go from my japanese dreamcast and cannot find it! any info would be appreciated, thanks


Sega says...

The rechargeable battery in Dreamcast isn't a user-serviceable part. To have the battery replaced, follow the directions for repairs before sending or bringing Dreamcast to an authorized Sega repair center.
As for how to go about doing this, check out this link.
From: Mark Matheson
Subject: XMas: DC vs. PS2

Come on you lot, pull your fingers out and start reviewing European releases as and when they happen, rather than wait until the American release to review a game we already own ( eg Eco). Many people make the effort to buy Japanese import games, perhaps you could do the same thing with those released first in Europe. Alternatively get some input from someone this side of the pond.

I first came to the planet thing through Planethalflife and they managed to incorporate a worldwide feel; your site is totally nationalistic by comparison.

Ian Hawkins

Bloody git.

Seriously, one of staff members (Tren) actually does hail from the UK. (In fact, he's probably on his way to beat you up right now.) The reason we don't normally do European reviews is that the European release usually varies quite a bit from what ends up shipping in the US, and like it or not, the US market is the site's primary focus. For example, Metropolis Street Racer has a variety of bugs that are being fixed for the American version. Also, American games often run at higher speeds than European ones, since you guys have that annoying PAL standard to contend with. (Yeah yeah, NTSC sucks too, but at least we get 60Hz..)

In any case, thanks to Tren's shadowy hand, we do tend to have more UK-related news than other US-based Dreamcast sites. (Although you've been slackin' a bit recently, haven't ya, Tren?) So, uh... go have some fish and chips, or something.

From: Eric Crompton
Subject: DJ Swirl

is the liscence plate sp* zero
smashing pumpkins zero?

Yes, I'm told it is indeed a Pumpkins reference. The car belongs to Bob "Bob" Richmond, GameSpy's (barely) 20 year old Unix guru.

Bob rocks.

From: HARDCORE FOOTABLL GAMER Joseph C. Richardson
Subject: NFL 2k1 in your review of the game you left out somethings

I wont waste any time to get to the point, yes NFL 2K1 is a much better game I think from last year but far from perfect. These are the things a expert player like myself and others I play for money found out very rapidly.

#1 Even though I think that NFL 2K1 is the best passing football expereince I ever had it is flawed by one route. The "Out" pattern is almost unstoppable its to the point me and my freinds banned hitting a WR that runs the pattern cause no defense can stop it i mean none. Only way to stop it is sack the QB or take a safetyand guard the side lines which can get you "burnt". I even went to pratice mode to see what the cpu would do since me and my freinds couldnt find a defense to stop it out of all the diff formations and defensive plays none is sufficient. Well the cpu didnt stop me either no matter what the cpu diff is set to it works every single time the WR is open every time you just gotta hope he drops it, or hope the ball is over thrown.

#2 There is no goal line plays granted you have "I Tight"& "Ace" but someteams dont have a QB sneak that isnt realistic. Plus there is no clock control plays at all that really sucks i was looking for a QB spike ball or a QB kneel and none is to be found so it takes away from last ditch effort to get the last field goal when you have no time outs left.

#3. The stiffarm has to be the weakest move in the game you would win the lottery before you hit anyone with this move it just plan is not effective at all. I'll give you credit the running game is much improved and so is the blocking but no stiffarm just gets under my skin.Especially when i get tackled from the side and i had a "Powered up" Stiffarm out ( those who owns the game know what i mean by Powered up) .

In conclusion i like the game and the improvments and some recreational player maybe doesnt feel my pain or might think these topics of distaste are not relevant to this great game . But to those who play on a expert or very high level these distasteful topics can mean winning or losing and as i already mention i play for money and when i dont play for money I still want to win and these things aforementioned stands im my way and every other HARDCORE FOOTBALL JUNKIE OUT THERE.

P.S. maybe DC needs me to help test games :),as for testers for this game there grade is a c- on a A game. One more thing that gets under my skin is Ghost Officials.....dont read that like you dont know what im talking about its when you run thru the official like he wasnt even standing there.

thnxs for you time and i hope the programmers for NFL 2K1 gets to hear this or anyone associated with the game gets to read this it is meant as constructive critizism. Since i read in all the reviews about all the good stuff and ;I understand you have to get good press, i just wanted you to know the good the bad and the ugly . If I find anything else you will hear from me again but good job on the game despite the incompetent testers you had on the job, I dont know how you choose your testers but next time have some HARDCORE FOOTBALL GAMER like myself who analyses and knows the game of football well give you advice on how to make the game more balanced.. Maybe you can even make a downloadable patch that would correct these things Esp a defense for guarding the outside EFFECTIVELY.

Sincerely HARDCORE FOOTABLL GAMER Joseph C. Richardson

Hmm, that started out ok, but by the end he seems to have become afflicted with the deadly (or at least, annoying) affliction known as Planetdreamcastissegaism. We're not Sega. We wish we were, because then we'd probably know lots of cute Japanese chicks, but we're not. Thanks.

From: sean
Subject: huh? are you high?

how come you gave UFC such a low score? i dont think you guys played it that much. ign and segaweb as well as 50 other sites gave it all tremendous scores.

the game has got a lot more depth to it. you guys didnt see that or didnt bother to.


We took a lot of flak for that one, but I really don't see the game's appeal. It's just not fun for me (or our reviewer, obviously). You know how opinions are... everyone's got one. Ours just happened to go against the popular sentiment that time.

And no, of course he wasn't high. He tells me he was already on the way down when he wrote it.

From: uf0rik
Subject: PDC PotM... lol

hahah... love the article on "Ms. September" Dreamcast Controller...., but it fails to mention the mutation Ms. September has with the cord coming out the bottom! and then wrapping back around to the front... at least she can keep it clipped in...

I don't know what you're talking about.

From: BrownMurderer
Subject: (no subject)

dj swirl isnt even funny. i know its just some lame ass little kid you got thats trying to act gansta but its not fucking funny its retarded.

Trying to act "gansta"? That ain't no act, DJ Swirl be the real deal! You'd best be watching your back, homefries. WIGGYWAZZAT!!! Peace out.

From: Awolmg
Subject: hard to castch

Cedric L Griffin how do i catch the ball?

Just maneuver your head into the ball's trajectory and you should be set. (The heavier the ball, the more likely you'll castch it.)

And I'm sick of you people calling me Cedric, dammit!

From: ALi
Subject: (no subject)

Get a life dude!

Good advice!

That's it for this Mailbag. Have a burning question? First extinguish the damn thing, and then send it to this handy address. OH, AND DON'T CALL ME CEDRIC, WISEGUY!

Until next time!


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