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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 12/1/00
    Community - Mailbag

12/1/00 - Broken DCs, Vermicious Knids, and Captain Fresh
- by BenT

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address!

From: madden
Subject: broken dreamcasts

I have two dreamcasts and both of them are broke. I was wondering where I would go to get them fixed they still have the warranty and I wanted to fix them.if you know where to go

Hrm... first thing I'd wonder is why the heck your Dreamcasts are breaking. Are they the victims of domestic abuse? Unless you have the luck of Al Gore, you're obviously doing something wrong if they keep dying on you.

Anyway, this link should have all the info you need to get your DC replaced or repaired by Sega.

From: Kyle Williams
Subject: That was Funny

That was probably one of the funniest reviews for anything I have ever encountered. It ranks up there with the review that Siskel and Ebert gave King Kong 2.... I actually considered for a brief moment to buy the game, so I could see a " creative abortion " for myself. Oh wait, I have... Wayne's World for the NES....

Oh god... don't even THINK about buying it. Are you mad?

(Cultural Sensitivity Training: In England, "mad" apparently is the same as "crazy" or "insane". And for some reason, they continually refer to what are obviously french fries as "CHIPS"! That's a beloved TV show, not a delicious french fry! Go cry to the queen mother, you vermicious knids!)

From: Glen Mackie
Subject: Manual Transmission


All hail Fragmaster!

From: Korwal
Subject: Bleem!


I currently have a Dreamcast system (Which I am very proud of), and am curious about Bleem. So wow, Bleem can play 400 playstation games with 4X the graphics and speed, but is every game supported by it REALLY 100% compatible? What I'm aiming at here is due to my recent discovery of Metal Gear Solid for PC, and since I've seen what it looks like at a higher resolution, I want to bleem the playstation version onto my dreamcast. Here's the problem: On the "Bleem" Website, the supported games for Bleem PC (They don't have DC list out yet, grrrrr) I looked up Metal Gear Solid, and it says that the game had trouble with some lighting and some audio bugs. Do all the supported playstation games for Bleem, really work flawlessly on the Dreamcast, with no bugs, or are they being hush, hush? I don't want to go out of my way buying a bleem pack, getting MGS for PS, and then finding that the game runs with bugs. Help me out guys!!

Sebastian Korwal (A.K.A. Hellbringer)

According to Bleem! (the company), all of the games supported by Bleem! for Dreamcast should be 100% compatible, with no glitches or other show-stopping flaws.

I too wish they'd release their supported games list someday. Sigh.

From: Andrew
Subject: Soldier of Fortune


I preordered the game Soldier of Fortune. I have seen screenshots and junk like that and thought it looked really cool. When I wanted to see more I was surprised that you didnt have the game listed. It comes out I believe 11/07/00, and I was hoping maybe you guys could get something up about it. I dont mean to be sening all negative feedback but you know... You guys have a great site keep up the good work!


Sorry, it was pushed back into 2001. :/

From: keytech
Subject: about online game playing

Can you play every game online with dream cast just like on a pc or can you not please let me know asap

Only a few games currently support online play. The main ones are NFL2K1, NBA2K1, Quake III Arena, and 4x4 Evolution. However, you can look forward to a flood of net-enabled titles in the coming months.

From: J. Barnes
Subject: DVD

I love the site, honestly, I just had a couple of questions.

1. Will the Dreamcast DVD Player be available in the US and if so, when?
2. If it is how much would it cost by itself?

Thank you for your time.

Sorry, it doesn't look good. Sega recently dismissed a DVD player as a "possibility" at best. Doesn't sound good.

From: Phreon
Subject: Sega Quiz

great quiz, love to see more, would also like a answer key

The answer key is on the scoring page. ;)

From: Captain Fresh
Subject: Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2

I think I may have an explanation for why on a few occasions TXR2 will freeze for just a moment. The way Soul Reaver works, in particular, is a good example. The world of SR was way to big to fit into memory at once, so they divided it into sections and as you moved from one area to another (frequently via a long corridor, canyon or tunnel) you can hear the DC spinning as it loads up the next area. I believe (though don't quote me on it) TXR2 works in a similar way, in which as you are driving, the game is constantly loading up the next section of the track. Only problem is that it doesn't seem like they quite got it perfect. I have witnessed the short freezes myself and it seemed like it was always happening in the same two or three places, although it may just be me. However if it is only in a few places, it does support my previous suggestion...


Captain Fresh,

First I'd like to thank you for saving our fair metropolis last month. Dr. Intaglio and his assistant Sniverly Spicesack never even saw you coming! Man, the look on their faces as they were hauled off to the big house was priceless. Now, I must say that I hesitated to print your letter, because I didn't want to endanger your true identity of Burgess Buckwalters -- especially since our stats show that a number of rogue supervillains frequent this very mailbag! But in the end, it came down to the fact that I just don't care anymore.

So anyway, you're probably right about TXR2. Hope you don't get killed now... I guess.

From: Matt Arevalo
Subject: Porkchops

I'm a donkey.

Everyone, meet my esteemed roommate.


From: Geoff
Subject: LINKS




From: ladlucko
Subject: forgot

forgot the halflife 4 player multiplaying

And you forgot to make sense... I think you have some innovative ideas, though. Remember, keep your feet on the ground and your head in a turban! Excelsior!

That's it for this Mailbag. Have a burning question? First extinguish the damn thing (get it?!), and then send it to this handy address.

Until next time!

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