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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 1/5/00
    Community - Mailbag

2/17/01 - Erotic Phantasies of Sega's Death
- by Mr. Domino

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address!

From: Alasdair Cameron
Subject: Tony Hawks

Where are the Tony Hawks reviews?

I can't show you. You've yet to complete all of the secret gaps hidden throughout PlanetDreamcast. I'll warn you that some are very difficult, such as the Big Freakin' Linkin' which requires you to click on every link on this site without ever lifting up the mouse button. Kinda tricky. Once you pull it off you'll be able to read the mana that is our Tony Hawk's Pro Skater reviews. Until then, you'll have to settle for the equally nice Tony Hawk Pro Skater review over at SportPlanet. Feel free to consult our hosted Tony Hawk site for more information on both games.

From: Joann Debro

If you already have an Internet Service Provider do you still have to pay for to play online?

Nope! As long as your ISP does not require special software to function (re: AOL or Juno), you can go ahead and use it for on-line Dreamcast gaming. There is no fee for on-line play whatsoever aside from your monthly ISP and telephone bills.

From: Boludo De Mierda
Subject: Erotic Titles for Sega Dreamcast

I work in a sex shop and I was wondering if there is any porno or erotic title for the sega dreamcast. If there is/are please send me the name/s of the title/s. (there have been a lot of people asking for them).

Mmm... Sex shop... (drools) Unfortunately, there's no "adult" titles currently available for the Dreamcast. Sega of Japan restricted development on any "adult" title or any sequel to a previously "adult" game, so the closest you could get would be rather tame import text adventures featuring cute anime girls such as Never 7 or non-nude mahjong titles like Idol Janshi Wo Tsukucchaou.

From: Tammy Swaringen
Subject: Phantasy Star Online

I was wondering if there was anywhere I could e-mail to SEGA about producing PSO for something besides the Dreamcast since they are stopping production on the Dreamcast.

Sure. Try [email protected]. :p
Sega is not stopping production of Dreamcast games -- only the hardware. In case you missed it, Phantasy Star Online 2 is already underway and in production for the Dreamcast. While it is not impossible for the game to get ported over to another system, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

From: Brian Schroeder
Subject: help

It's reviews like yours that made me go out and by PSO, and I'm glad I did, BUT. The combat seems so, well, silly. Are you telling me that a "hunter" sent down to some planet to investigate, who's equiped w/ a dagger, swords and such, he can't duck? He can't....jump? WHAT IN THE HELL, OVER!! I am terribly dissapointed in that, yes, great graphics, sound, story. Yet come time to fight,it's like duct-tapeing a sword to an upright 2x4 and sending it into battle. Dumb. Anywho, er um, great site.


Why would they need to duck or jump? It's not as though adding those abilities would have helped the game at all. Would an Olsen twins' game be good if you can make the girls duck and jump? Of course not! Phantasy Star Online is a RPG with just a real-time combat system. I'd suggest you give Street Fighter III: Third Strike a look -- plenty of ducking and jumping in that one. :^)

From: BaronDead
Subject: Dreamcast

I was just wondering if the rumors stated on MTV are true, that the Dreamcast is going to be discarded by Sega later this year.

Thanks for any information.
Clint Corbin

Sega is still continuing to publish for the system and will be putting out Dreamcast games well into 2002. It's just that Sega will no longer be manufacturing the Dreamcast system. Another company called Pace, made by folks in the United Kingdom who know what real set-top boxes should be like, are going to produce entertainment devices with the DC technology.

From: Icezone56
Subject: [email protected]

how do i get to a game with out all this clicking and im geting no place how do i get to a game any game i dont seem to beable to ever get there so y y

Letters like this make me glad I don't drink.

From: Jennifer Cameron-Rulkowski
Subject: Starlancer for Dreamcast


I am not able to go online with Starlancer for dreamcast. My dreamcast accesses the Internet without any problems but than it cannot find the gamespy server. Please advise.

It sounds like the server might be full. Mwahahahaha. :^) Ahem. The only thing I can really suggest without knowing more details is to try to log on at another time during the day and/or allow the game more time to connect. One thing that really bugs me about Starlancer's on-line presentation is how the dialing screen just seems to freeze like that. No indication if it's dialing, not getting through, connecting, having trouble, giving birth, etc. I've also found it helpful to actually unplug the phone line from the wall and plug it back it when I'm having trouble connecting for a game and experience a similar problem to what you're having.

From: garry newton
Subject: nfl2k1

guys would you be able to tell me if nfl 2k1 will be released in the uk as i am a gr8 fan of the game thanx alot

Nope. You'll have to settle for your real football games I'm afraid unless you're willing to import it.

From: brian tsang
Subject: error report - PSO

Your review is very good and objective -> well done.

My error report: I found out that when you finished a quest online, and then go back to the guild to claim your reward, never try to drop precious items on the floor in the guild for your nearby teammate because.... THEY COULDN'T BE PICKED UP. There is no way for the dropper to pick up again either.

I'll never do it again.


Ouch. Thanks for the warning. I can't afford to lose that Handgun +1. Them things is valuablebleble. :^)

From: Edgars Klepers
Subject: for people with cd burners and the BBA

Here's how i got my broadband to work. works like a charm. you might want to share this with the internet :)

Thanks for the tip! If I have broadband access I might even care! :^) I know everyone else will appreciate the advice.

From: Ramadomustafas
Subject: muchos stankos

how come every time i get my dreamcast to work on the internet the isp im using screws up and im stuck and have to go searching for a new one. i used netzero and you cant use i now i used dotnow and it quit workin. is there anything else you can use thats free?im a cheapass

I'd suggest the cup and wire method, but then you'd have to buy a cup and some wire. Honestly, free ISPs suck. You don't want lag in your on-line gaming for certain, and in games such as NFL2K1 where people can see just how much your ISP stinks, you'll find it more difficult to get a game going let alone play through without a disconnection. Assuming you're over 18, there's still quite a few places that buy plasma, which would provide you enough cash to get a real ISP.

From: Bruce
Subject: Starlancer

Where can I purchase the full version of Starlance? I have tried to Demo Download and love the game.

Thanks for your help.


The Dreamcast game is available from pretty much every on-line video game retailer around. Pretty much every brick-and-mortar store carries it as well.

My help welcomes you.

From: Federico Malisani
Subject: Sega dreamcast

First of all, this mail was for Sega enterprices, but they didn't answer so, I'm sending it to you to see if you can help me.

I live in argentina and I've heard that Sega will stop making the Dreamcast. I would like to know if this is true, and that if it's true, i would like to know if sega will continue making games for the console. I'm asking this because I think the Dreamcast is a great console and I am going to buy it in a couple of week, but if you will stop making the games, it would be a bit stupid to buy it only for the games you already made. Besides, I think that you should anyway continue making games at least for the people that have already bought it (if all this is true).

I wish you answer my mail as soon as possible.

How would it be stupid to buy it just for the games already made? At $99, the Dreamcast is a steal. I know many people who have 40+ great games already, and the system itself is barely a year old. If, right now, Sega ceased all Dreamcast game production, I'd still be happy with the system. Just think of what games you enjoy and if the Dreamcast has enough available to make it worth the investment.

From: T3_29
Subject: Multiplayers doesn't work

on the dream cast: the rouge spear case says that you can play to players agianst the computer. in another words you should be able to do the missions with your friends just like the back of the box says and thats a major set back towards the game. people like to play video games that enable you to play agianst each other and agianst sims, and agianst the game itself. so in my opinion red storm should fix that and i a can promise you that you that red storm will make lots of money that way.

Unfortunately, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear only supports multi-player death matches. There is no cooperative mode. Yes, that's dumb. Even the N64 version of the original Rainbox Six had cooperative multi-player support. Ah well. There's nothing which can be done about it now -- don't hold your breath for Red Storm to add that in, since, well, you'll most certainly die. You really need to breathe. That's the way we humans are with the breathing and such.

From: Web User Midtown Kitchen
Subject: phantasy star online

Even with all the hype i wasn't expecting much--but oh my gawwwd, once i started playing online i just couldn't stop. even with it's minor flaws, this game is more fun than ANY game i've ever played. it's even addictive just standing in the lobby and having conversations with people from around the country or around the world (was chatting with someone from australia the other day). i find myself rushing home from work so that i can get online to see if any of my new online 'friends' are playing, so we can chat and get a great game going.
I was spoiled using direct voice chat (sidewinder-voice, rogerwilco) with games on the pc, so i was surprised that i really enjoy the comic-book style chat and symbol chat. it's different from direct voice and has its own kind of charm and humor (you can joke with word spelling etc., more like internet humor then spoken humor).

pso1 is not that complex a game overall, but the way you play it online is the amazing thing. i can hardly wait for pso2; in my opinion sega has discovered a new style of gaming that surpasses anything that has come before.

thanks for the cool review too-

Yeah, I like it, too. I really enjoy the bubble chat. You can have fun with it. :^) Thanks for that last sentence you sent in.

From: AllyGirl1369
Subject: cheats for you

the codes on the 'cheat' screen are

travolta = power up moves
teararound = always awin
iwish = infinite time
citybeacons = win all levels
inflatedego = big head mode

Thanks for the game cheats! I was really struggling with that game I was playing, but now I can struggle no more! I will most certainly apply these cheat codes to the game I'm playing. Yeah, you know the game. I don't, but you seem to know.

Hmm... power up moves... a time limit... a big head mode... more than one level... Could it be Capcom vs. SNK?

From: mikebritt444
Subject: [no subject]

got a problem, who do I contact

That guy. The guy who's not me.

That's it for this Mailbag. Have a burning question? First extinguish the damn thing (get it!?), and then send it to this handy address.

I'm off to PSO. Until next time!

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