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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 3/3/01
    Community - Mailbag

3/3/01 - Best Games, Locked Junk, and Foreign People
- by Mr. Domino

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address!

From: Student19
Subject: an idea...

Just wondering, since the DC is supposedly headed down, if it would be a good idea to look back over both previous and current reviews, and perhaps add a 'price you would pay for this game' tag along with its RRP tag. I mean not all of us wanna pay say 39.99 for a game thats quite good, some of us wanna wait until its reduced to like 19.99, I mean I know I wouldn't have paid 39.99 for Bass fishing, but I've waited until now and got it for 7! What do you think?


While a rating scale based on what one thinks a game is worth paying for sounds good, the main problem is that peoples' economic conditions and opinions vary too much for that to be used as a reliable standard. While we can substantiate our opinions of a game within a review, it's a bit harder to pin a price on a game. I think you answer your own question pretty much, since you didn't have any interest in Sega Bass Fishing until the price dropped enough to be a rental, but a fishing fan (who would have reviewed the game and given the game it's "price" rating) would have no qualms with plunking down $40 for the game and another $40 for the fishing rod controller.

From: ricardo borja
Subject: help!

i got a burned copy of phantasy star online! but i can't play online! can you give an acces code yo play online?

We, unfortunately, cannot give out access codes to Phantasy Star Online. What you should do is call Sega at 1-800-USA-SEGA and tell them you need the codes for your pirated game. They should "hook you up" from there, as the kids say.

From: Jim Atkinson
Subject: Sonic isn't the "Blue Bomber"!!

I'm writing to comment on this bit form your review of the Sega Smash Pack :

"Sonic the Hedgehog - You know this guy. He's the blue bomber. The 'hog with attitude. This is the title that started it all. Speed is the name of the game in this platforming masterpiece. A true classic."

Sonic the Hedgehog is NOT the blue bomber, that title is reserved for the one and only Megaman, or Rockman if you prefer. While Sonic 1 is a classic game, I as a die-hard Megaman fan, just had to let you know.

Thanks for your time and reviews,

I don't see why Sonic could be a blue bomber, too. I mean, he's blue, and he kinda looks like a bomb when all rolled up. Pathetic excuses aside, you're right -- Mega Man is the blue bomber. Sonic is... um... the blue ball? The rapid rodent? The spikey speedster? How do these mascots get these names anyway?

From: Red Mage
Subject: Whee! Yay! Happy-happy! Whoo!


I am a poor helpless boy that has an extremely difficult question to ask you fine, smart, good, nice, kind, people at PlantetDreamcast. I really want to get PSO for Dreamcast, but I really want to get Armored Core 2 and Final Fantasy 10 for Playstation. Which one should I get?

Help me.


You're asking me? You're asking someone who works for a Dreamcast site whether or not to pass up a Dreamcast game to get some PlayStation ones? All bias aside, Phantasy Star Online isn't as good a typical RPG as Final Fantasy X, but it's quite addictive and fun to play on-line. Armored Core 2 is a better single player game than PSO (which I think you should really only consider getting if you can get on-line), but I don't think it appears to be consistently replayable from what I've seen. Of course, you will need a keyboard if you got PSO, so perhaps the added expense is enough to scare you to those other games on that other system.

From: birleygrange
Subject: Dreamcast

Hi I'm Tom,
I've been all around casinopolis and I can't find the night's table.(To be Reala.)So please could you tell me.


P.S.Could you tell me how to type in the codes.(Thanks.)

It sounds as if you're asking a Sonic Adventure question based on the context. (Really, everyone, please list the game as well for future reference. We're not all psychics here.) You can't be Reala in the game. The NiGHTS pinball table is in a chamber somewhat near the one with the Sonic machine in it. The game has NiGHTS posters everyone -- you can't miss it. Well, apparently, you can miss it, but you really shouldn't miss it.

From: Clinton M.

From the Gunbird 2 review:

"I'd have to give Capcom two strikes...the second for censoring some ever-so-slightly provocative cut scenes. A code can be entered to remove some of the censorship..."

Could you post the code on the planetDreamcast website, please? (Okay, so I'm just a pathetic guy who wants to see the uncensored Morrigan screens. So sue me.)

All the websites with GB2 "codes" just mention "How to play as Morrigan/Ain just in case you weren't able to read the manual".

hehe It's not that good/bad. :^) Mostly comments are altered for certain team match-ups. I think the only picture that's censored is one of one of the guys pulling at Shark's shirt during the "don't get mad" scene. Anyway, here's the code:

At the mode select screen, enter:

Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Left

You won't notice anything until you actually see the changes in affect, and the code resets when you turn the power off.

Wow. I'm being helpful today, aren't I? What's wrong with me?

From: StatueManOfEl
Subject: Bored with same old contests

You guys remember the Chu Chu contest with the singing last year? You know the new contests you've been having recently that require no stupidity or skill, the ones where you fill in the entry and E-mail it in? You guys should go back to the Chu Chu way... I don't even care if there is a prize... just do more contests... That is all... You may return to being smart now... Ayo

Captain EIM

It's funny you mention this, since BenT was showing me the entries the other day. It sure looks fun, and we're going to begin holding semi-regular contests again. It won't be as fun or novel and idea as the aforementioned contest, but it's still something to get the ball rolling. We'll announce it Thursday, and, in the meantime, <BLANTANT HINT>you may want to dust off your ChuChu Rocket skills</BLANTANT HINT>.

From: Wallnerwong
Subject: wwf

could you please let me know when a new wwf game is to come out for dreamcast? e-mail me back



Actually, although not a licensed game, the new Firepro D was just recently released for the Dreamcast in Japan. Most wrestling fans who have tried the series say it's the best of the genre, and Firepro D includes wrestlers from all over the world in one form or another. Be warned that it is a 2-D game, which I know is the kiss of death for many. Still, the gameplay is unrivaled, and the character roster is staggering.

From: homie00
Subject: a qustion

do you have amy's codes and cheats?

Nope. She's tight lipped about her past like that.

From: Ignacio Mauri
Subject: Hi there!! (and email about the sega smash pack review)

It was great to read the coments on the seba smash pack, from an 16 bit era gamer. I loved to play those games when i was younger, im still a boy (i am 17) but i play video games since i was 5 (with a relic, the commodore 64). I still play to genesis games (and i have a Dreamcast, a N64 and a Psx).
Alien Soldier And the best genesis game ever GUNSTAR HEROES, what a gameeee, i love gunstar, i never could buy the original cartidge, y reted it a lto of times (it was an import and it was really expensive) i rented it a lot of times, and now i have the roms of it to emulate it with my computer

here is my quustion: Is posible to change the games in the data base, if i download from the net the segagen emulator ( used in that pak, made by sega) and i put in the roms library those games and other i love, will them work?
Good bye
and be always as you are `, the page is the best dreamcast page in the net


ps. ohh, i forgot to tell who i am, Im Ignacio fron Argentina, a young and old (ironically) video game player


Both of those are great games, with Gunstar Heroes easily being my favorite game ever. Unfortunately, chances are slim for another Sega Smash Pack release. While I would like to see another as well (including both Monster Worlds would be a nice start), the less than stellar emulation would probably steer me away from it. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason to own the Smash Pack is for Virtua Cop 2.

As far as information on the Dreamcast/Genesis emulator, you can find what you want to know at ClassicGaming.

From: Jordan
Subject: ?

in your best dreamcast game section where are the dancing and import games?

They're not. We focus mainly on the US and Europe game selection, so you won't find import games in our best Dreamcast games list. We are going to run a feature soon about the best import games which won't likely see a US/Europe release, but that's something out of interest -- we don't expect many people to import Dreamcast games to make devotion to the import scene worthwhile. It's not like the Saturn was -- most of the games people want do come out here.

As far as dancing games, we have Samba de Amigo listed in our best list under "unique games." Samba is great fun and one of if not the best party games around. Although it's hard not to love Space Channel 5, it's just not very replayable, and opinions are too mixed by and large to consider it a "best" game. I know I listen to my soundtrack CDs more than I play the game, and that's in part because it's not really much of a game -- it's a fun video to bop to every once in a while, but it really lacks any kind of interesting gameplay to take it seriously, and the repetiveness of it all makes one not want to play it repeatedly.

From: hugo fugere
Subject: World Series 2k2..plz answer me... is the problem...someone have told me that only 31 games for dreamcast will came out this year.....well to say that its definitively the end of my machine..the dreamcast.

well first i wnt to know if thats true...and also..he told me that world series 2k2 wont came have been that true?

plz answer me as possible...need to know....

Larry Walker biggest fan!

WSB2K2 is still on schedule to come out June 1. After the disaster of last year's release, I'd hope Sega is smart enough to have been working on the game throughout the past several months to avoid any delays. Unfortunately, information on the release is pretty scarce, but there is no indication that it's been canceled. It's still a way's away, and Sega will probably begin leaking information to the public in a month or two as the release date draws closer.

Oh, and that 31 figure is way off base.

From: discar
Subject: problemas en phantasy star

I have problems with the connection on line of phantasy to star: that I number of series is necessary to write, the one of the game or the one of dreamcast? the second I cosay that it requests to that it corresponds?


Bzzzt! What is "questions I don't understand?"

Alex Trebec: That is correct! Please abstain from hooting!

From: FilterBurning
Subject: In you "Unique" section of the best Dreamcast games...

...where's Seaman? It was revolutionary, fun, and has a ton of replay value, like Crazy Taxi and Samba De where is it?

Revolutionary? Perhaps. Fun? Yes. Replay value? Nah. Seaman is a fun experiment, but it's hardly a game by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, you can play through again just to answer questions differently to see what new responses he'll give out, but there's not much fun in spending another month raising Seaman again just to hear a handful of new soundbytes. You get Seaman; you raise Seaman; you shelve Seaman. It's not a "best" game, but it is worth playing through once.

From: brian king
Subject: whither project justice?

hello fellow DC gamers,

i read on another site that Capcom's project justice was not coming to the US. (Coincidentally, this site was selling import copies.) I previously had heard that project justice was coming to the US. Has the game been cancelled or what?

thanks for your time,

~brian e. king

Nope. It's still on schedule for a March 15 release as far as I know. It's been promoted quite a bit already, so I doubt they'll pull the plug on it this late in the game.

From: Mordarion Drakenhoff
Subject: Dreamcast Karaoke

I'm not quite sure if you guys have seen this yet, but it looks like Sega is looking to produce an expansion to the Dreamcast. This expansion, I think, is supposed to let you sing along in games. :) I got this info here.

hehe Sega says it's getting out of the hardware business, yet they produce accessory after accessory for a system that's not selling all that great in Japan. I don't get it. Seems pretty pricy for a karaoke setup, but then I'm not sure what the units sell for regularly over there. Thanks for the link!

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