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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 6/09/01
    Community - Mailbag

6/09/01 - Worms, Bleemcast and the Czec Rebublic
- by RaptoR

The PDC staff were left teary-eyed after Mr. Domino departed for PlanetPS2. Not because they liked him or anything, just because he left the PlanetDreamcast mailbag in my... uhh... 'capable' hands...

Welcome to the PDC Mailbag. Every week we toss in a bunch of letters from our readers and do our best to dazzle you with wit and wisdom. Roughly, that translates to copying/pasting your emails and writing the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, you take what you can get. If you have something you want to contribute to the Mailbag, send it to this address!

From: [email protected]
Subject: NFL 2K codes

Here are a few NFL 2K codes I know.

SUPERSTARS: Unlocks the SEGA team.
LARD: Makes the players huge at the waist.
TURBO: Unlocks the Turbo speed of gameplay(in the Gameplay Options).
DEDMAN: Unlocks the SloMo speed of gameplay(in the Gameplay Options).
SQUEEKY: Makes the announcers voices higher pitched.
SCRAWL: Changes the font of the letters.

That's all I know for now. I'll let ya know if more come across me.

Will -=<INFERNO>=- Kuritz

Thanks for the codes, miromibi. You might also want to submit these cheats to GameSpy's CheatingPlanet, which itself is a great resource for cheats and tips. Happy cheating.

From: P G
Subject: Bleemcast, Sony, XBox & Revenge

Since Sony is using rough-house tactics against Bleem,
I think that Bleem should come out and say they are
creating a Dreamcast emulator for the XBox. Could you
imagine if they had it ready by November 8th? That
would make my console purchasing decision a lot
easier, and I think all the DC owners would jump on
it. I also think that it would be the best way for
Microsoft, Bleem, and Sega to stick it to Sony. What
do you think?

Kaka Haroo
Detroit, MI

Short answer: No way.

Long answer: Do Sega and Microsoft really want to be seen to be sticking it at Sony? Sega are now a third party developer who are working with both Sony and Microsoft. If Bleem! created a Dreamcast emulator for the Xbox (which is unlikely in my opinion), then they certainly wouldn't have it finished (and working properly) by November 8th. Sure, both systems use Microsoft's DirectX API, but aside from that the Dreamcast and Xbox are two very different systems. The Bleem! guys would have a hard time creating such an emulator at all. And would all Dreamcast owners run out and buy an Xbox if this did happen? After all, they could always just play their games on their Dreamcasts, which are guaranteed to work with them. A Xbox version of Bleem! could also cause a very large legal headache for both Sega, Microsoft and Bleem! Overall, not a very good idea.

From: Ronald Hollinde


We might be able to help you answer your question if you included it in your mail. Thanks. :)

From: john

I want to ask you something.Can I get into internet with dc too,
if I come from Czech(there´s no official sega)? I´ve got the Dreamkey v 1.5.
What is the at command used for?
However when I enter the external no. there´s no request too.
It´s just dialing and then there´s a problem with connection,it can´t connect.
Then when I´ll choose reconnect, everything happens again.Can anyone help?
Thanks for everything.


[momentary pause while we wait for everyone to finish dechipering the message]

Done that? Right. Seganet simply doesnt exist in some European countries (perhaps the Czec Republic). However this doesn't mean you can't "get into internet with dc too". If you have a regular dial-up ISP, then you should be able to enter your account details into the browser software and connect. However I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here. It might be better to talk to someone from Sega who speaks your native language.

From: [email protected]
Subject: controllers

We unhooked the controllers to use on another game and when we went to hook them back into the dreamcast, they controllers won't work. The message "no controller input" comes on. Do you know what we need to do to fix the problem?

I'll try and help you, but without knowing anything else about your Dreamcast, controllers, etc., there's not a lot we can do. It appears that to solve the problem you need a working controller. If they are Sega branded controllers then they should be protected under warranty, but this may very depending on who made your controllers. Are the controllers plugged in properly? Are they loose when they're in the controller port? Is there some sort of black gunk around your controller port? Send some more information about your Dreamcast and the peripherals you're using. Thanks.

From: Jozone
Subject: Dreamcast VMU

Do I need to put a battery into the Sega VMU to play minigames on it?


From: Stephanie Wagner
Subject: dreamcast online

I just got a Dreamcast for my birthday. I was wondering... how you access
the Internet? I also got a conducting stick, so if you don't answer me, I'll
wack you with it!


A conducting stick and a Dreamcast, what an odd combo. Nevertheless, in an attempt to avoid the wrath of such a stick, I'll answer your question! There should be a browser CD with your Dreamcast ("Web Browser" in the US and "Dreamkey" in the UK/Europe/Japan). Put this in your Dreamcast and connect your unit to a phone line using the provided cable. Fire your Dreamcast up and follow the on-screen unstructions.

From: Dan
Subject: Pace

If dreamcast games will be compatible with Pace, I was wondering if, they make games for Pace will they be compatible with dreamcast? That way when they stop makeing games for dreamcast we can look at the Pace games.

The new Pace unit will allow users to download Dreamcast games over a Digital TV bandwidth. It'll take a while for the massive library of Dreamcast games to be made available, but its highly unlikely that Pace themselves will publish and more games that will be exclusively compatible with their set top box system. You're stuck with regular Dreamcast games, we're afraid.

From: Sal "Sluggo" Accardo
Subject: 8.5 for Crazy Taxi 2?

Hi guys!

So I'm in Blockbuster this weekend, and I notice they have Crazy Taxi 2 available to rent. Being a huge fan of the original, I snapped it up.

I agree with the reviewer in his opinion of the original Crazy Box mode. We spent many nights in this office trying to beat many of the game's challenges, and while the other parts of the game were fun, Crazy Box was really the only mode that held our attention.

Naturally, I loaded up the game and jumped straight into the Crazy Pyramid mode. You can imagine my disappointment when I'd unlocked the entire an HOUR. Two of the challenges took about 20 minutes each, and many of the rest I was able to beat on the first try.

So, I wonder if comments like "the challenges in the new game are very difficult" and "be prepared to spend a bit of time with this particular game mode" are appropriate. If "the Crazy Pyramid mode [is] the most compelling thing about Crazy Taxi 2", then the game will be a MAJOR disappointment to lots of Crazy Taxi fans who will blast quickly through the mode.

Coupled with the fact that the graphics haven't been upgraded and there's no online play, I consider CT2 a huge disappointment. It's just Crazy Taxi with a new city, the ability to hop, and a few brief challenges that retain neither the charm or difficulty of the original. Granted, that ain't bad...but it isn't an 8.5, either. I'd give it a 6. :)

Thanks for listening!

- Sal "Sluggo" Accardo

GameSpy Industries --
[email protected]

A GameSpy d00d wrote to us... I feel so l33t... err... let's ask digitaltaco to back up his judgement...

digitaltaco says: Well, I blasted through most (read: everything but the last two challenges) of the crazy pyramid mode in about two hours of pretty intense playing. But I beat the Crazy Box mode in the same amount of time. I don't think the challenges in the first game are harder, and I don't necessarily think that the one's in the second game are harder. But, to me, the fun is going back through them and improving your score over and over...seeing how good you can get at making it down those stairs, etc. If the fun was beating one time through, then you're right, you'll probably be disappointed. But for the same reason, I would have been disappointed by the first game.

Scoring CT2 was very hard... If you've read the review then you know how I feel about the game. In a nutshell, it is Crazy Taxi 1 with a few minor enhancements...and I started off the review by saying that because it really is the truth... But the plain and simple fact of the matter is that the game is really a ton of fun. In fact, I have so much fun with the game, compared to so many of the bad games that have been coming out lately, that I wanted to give it a higher score... But I couldn't in good conscience give a game that I so similar to its prequel a 9. So, I'll just say this to conclude: If you liked or loved the first CT and you just want more of the same fast action, then there is little doubt that CT2 should be something you'd enjoy... But if you're looking for innovation or something more than the first game, then I'm afraid that Hitmaker missed the mark on this one. The main question I had to ask myself was this: Is this game fun or not. I answered ,"Yes!" but your answer may be different

From: Glenn Gardiner
Subject: Question

I resent the fact that you call the offspring annoying. I own nearly all
their CD's. Apparently you are someone that doesn't like punk rock
*cough*cough*boyband lover*cough*coug*. I don't think you should rag on a
game because this didn't have your syle of music. Well sure, you and a couple
other people think that the offspring suck, but that's because you don't know
any better. You got to go out and by yourself ignition and the self titled
offspring CD, then you will see the light. Save your ragging for pop and rap,
because this punk rocker doesn't want to hear your whining....and yes you
were being greedy.

P.S. No offense to the site, just giving my review of your review (I think
that's fair). Doesn't detract from my site-liking-ness. No hard feelings

digitaltaco says: Hehe... None taken... Yes, it's true that I don't like the music in either of the Crazy Taxi games. And while it's true that I mentioned the music the "The Bad," Ii didn't take away any "points" from the game's review because of it... I simply don't like that stuff... But i understand that for many gamers, yourself included, the music is not just fine, it's great! So more power to you... And just so you know, Ii don't listen to boy band crap either... Experimental electronic stuff is my bag...not techno...stuff like lexaunculpt, richard devine, prefuse 73, autechre, mouse on mars, and plaid... That's where i sit... So it'll be a cold day in hell before games have music that i really enjoy in them.... i ran the music section in "the Bad" because i needed something to put there... The points taken off the game's final score came from its similarity to the first game and the inability of Hitmaker to really give us something new. And apparently, my score may have been too high. (Read Sluggo's e-mail...) but that's all I have to say...i'm sure you understand

From: Michael Delaney
Subject: Worms World Party

In your review of Worms World Party you mention the Broadband Adapter as
a supported device. This is not true as far as I could tell. Actually,
my copy seemed to require that I be dialed up through and the
internet play box was blacked out when I tried to play when connected
through my broadband adapter. Since I do not have a account, I
was unable to test it using

Michael Delaney

I'll admit that that's an error in our review. WWP definately does not support Sega's Broadband Adapter. The reviewer will be suitably punished... [pulls out hot poker and copy of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire]

From: nonono

hahaha you suck

Uh.. yeah.

That's it for this mailbag. Are you the weakest link™? Want to pick our brains for answers? Send your Dreamcast-related comments and questions to this handy address! Goodbye.

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