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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 9/15/01
    Community - Mailbag

9/15/01 - Bleemcast compatibility answers, site comments, and much more.
- by Celeryface

Hey Dreamcast fans, Celeryface here to answer your questions and concerns about our site, the Dreamcast community, and whatever else you need to know about our favorite little white box, in the latest edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag.

In this edition of the mailbag we cover letters on broken Dreamcasts and what you should do, Bleemcast compatibility answers, broadband adapter availability, and much more. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, be sure to send them to this address, and maybe you will find your letter in the next edition of the mailbag. It is now time to start another great edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag, check it out!

From: CyRUS64
Subject: (No Subject)

"If you buy a Dreamcast bleempack, you can expect it to work on your machine, just as long as your Dreamcast was manufactured before October of 2000. Newer machines will not play the MIL-CD format that the Bleempacks are pressed on."

This isn't actually true. The only dreamcasts that won't play Bleem!cast releases are the Japanese Sakura Edition ones. All other dreamcast will play mil-cds as long as the 1st and 2nd sessions are data tracks, as opposed to the first session being an audio track, then a data track. I believe Bleem! is burnt in this way and hence will run on all non-sakura dcs. Bleem! only put this information on the first release, because this is what they thought, but they were subsequently found to be incorrect.


Hey thanks for sending in the info CyRUS64. We haven't had any complaints about Bleemcast not working from readers, but we do get questions asking if Bleemcast will work on their Dreamcasts, before they go out and actually buy the product. You may be right on this one CyRUS64, but the best way to really see if Bleemcast is compatible on your Dreamcast is to go ahead and try out the product.

From: VersagoCBX
Subject: NFL 2K2

I was wondering when is it coming out?

Well you are in luck, NFL 2K2 is scheduled to be released on September 18th for the Dreamcast. With new detailed models, all new commentary, and full online play, NFL 2K2 is in a great position to take the series to the next level. Check out our preview!.

From: Emile Jobity
Subject: ......SomeOne Finally understands.......

Thanks to all u people working there for putting the best games section on the site...i do not have to go through a set of ratings and buy games because they were no.1 sellers(cause most games that were no.1 sellers were still ****)...its quick, simple to understand and is easy to compare since everything is on one page and most of it is under one eye....Thanks and keep up the good work....

Thanks for your comments Emile, glad to hear that you like our Best Games section. There are a few things brewing behind the scenes here at PlanetDreamcast, so be on the look out for new and interesting things in the near future. Stay tuned. ;)

From: Terrance Porcher
Subject: Suddenly...

Hey! I need to ask a huge question. I got Skies of Arcadia recently and it's worked great, that is, until I got to the Dark Rift. Suddenly, my Dreamcast stopped and now none of my games work! Did my Dreamcast just die or something? I think it's because of the lens, but I'm too scared to touch it. And how do I get it to someone who can fix it?

Hey Terrance, here are a few suggestions for you. First we need to eliminate the possibilities of what is causing your games to not work.

1.Take all your Dreamcast games and try them out on another Dreamcast. If you know anyone that has a Dreamcast that would be your best bet, but if you don't, take your games to your local game retailer and see if you can test them out on their system. If your games work fine on another Dreamcast, then it has something to do with the actual Dreamcast hardware.

2. You can use a lense cleaner that usually can be found at your local video store. If that doesn't work, you may have to call Sega. To get all the information you need to get repairs, check out Sega's Official Repairs Page.

3. If the repair costs are greater than $79.99, then I would suggest heading out to your local game retailer and pickup a brand new Dreamcast. :)

From: Jeremy Bascom
Subject: Not really news persay....

I just cannot for the life of me find somewhere to purchase the Broadband Adaptor....NOBODY has it... Import or otherwise... Do you guys have any suggestions? Please? :)

You are in the same boat as I am Jeremy, I have been searching for a Broadband Adapter for my Dreamcast for months now. Ebay has a bunch of auctions for the BBA, but expect to pay over the $100 for this novelty item. Sega was selling them through their online store, only to stop selling them during the Spring. So your best bet would be to find a good auction to bid on, you never know you may find one for a low price. We can always hope that Sega puts them back for sale on their online store, as there still seems to be a demand for the product.

From: Yskillz
Subject: Question

My friend has a dreamcast and I have a PC, is there any way we can play each other online??? Thanks!!!

Actually, yes there is! The very popular PC and Dreamcast game Quake III: Arena allows online play between the two platforms. To get all of this setup, the PC user will have to download the Dreamcast maps, you can grab them here. If you need help installing them, there is a very nice PC to Dreamcast Quake 3: Arena site made by fans, hit this link to check it out. There is a catch though, the PC user will have to use version 1.16n of Quake III: Arena because that's build the Dreamcast version is based on. Most PC Q3:A players would rather use the latest version (currently at 1.29h), so it's a little price to pay if you want to compete against other platforms. Once you have all that setup, both users can join an online game together and battle it out, cross-platform style. Enjoy the fun. :)

That's it for this week's mailbag. If you have any questions, concerns, or tips you would like to share with PDC and the community, send them over to this this address.

Stay tuned next week, as we kick off another great edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag!

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