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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 9/28/01
    Community - Mailbag

9/28/01 - SegaNet servers, Bomberman Online, and Jordan's back.
- by Celeryface

Hey Dreamcast fans, Celeryface here to answer your questions and concerns about our site, the Dreamcast community, and whatever else you need to know about our favorite little white box, in the latest edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag.

Last week I had mentioned that this edition of the mailbag would have a PSO Version 2 theme to it, but seeing that the game just came out and you PSO addicts are hard at work building up those characters, we will be having the PSO Version 2 mailbag next week. So be sure to look for that next week. Now on with the mailbag!

From: David Rose
Subject:Last of the Mohicans

So I understand that Headhunter may not come out in the US. I'm excited about Shenmue 2 but was hoping we'd see another Sega great derivation on gaming. Do you have any new information?

I enjoy your website and check it for the latest in dreamcast news.

--- David Rose

Hey David, glad to see you enjoy the site. Sega hasn't given out any information, as of yet, on their Dreamcast releases after Shenmue II. But that doesn't necessarily mean that nothing is coming out for the Dreamcast after Shenmue II. Sega has been concentrating on their 3rd party games for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube. So we will definitely see some Sega games after Shenmue II, but they will be on other systems. Hopefully after Sega's big fall schedule of 3rd party games are released, they will make some announcements on future releases for the Dreamcast. We will have to wait and see.

From: Ken "Diesel" Diaz
Subject: Jordan in NBA 2K2

Hey hey, this is my first letter to the rockin' PlanetDreamcast site. None of the few letters I've ever sent out to sites have ever been put up, so if this does go up...well, party on dude! Anyway, let's not mince words here...His Airness is back, and his flight has resumed. Yes, I'm speaking of Michael Jordan. So, with his return, I was wondering if you guys think Visual Concepts will put the time and effort to incorporate a great looking map of his face and overall look, play and feel into NBA 2K2? They obviously won't delay the game to do this, but I'm just wondering if you think they'll do it. Also, now that Jordan is back, what are your thoughts on the chances of his name actually being said and put on the digital jersies of NBA 2K2, or any other b-ball games for that matter. Thanks for your time.

-Ken "Diesel" Diaz

Michael Jordan is back. This is great news for the game of basketball and the fans. As for NBA 2K2, I have a feeling that his Airness might not be added into this years version. But it is possible that maybe he was already in the game as a hidden character, you never know. Only Visual Concepts really knows right now, and they haven't made a peep about it yet. We will keep you informed if/when we get the information. Until then...Party On Dude!

From: Omar
Subject: Seganet servers forever?

How long will there be servers to play on with my multiplayer games? Will they get shut down after Sega leaves the Dreamcast business?


Hey Omar, very good question. Sega hasn't given an approximate length of time of how long they will keep the online servers open, but you can bet that they will be around as long as the servers are populated. One thing is for sure is that even though Sega is leaving the Dreamcsat market, they will be keeping their Dreamcast servers up and running.

With the release of PSO Version 2 they have implement the pay-to-play strategy to help cover the costs of maintenance and general usage of the servers. This strategy will definitely keep the servers open longer for you to enjoy your games of PSO. So enjoy and keep on playing. :)

From: Kris Wegner
Subject: Interact Light Gun Question

I am John Wegner and I have a question. Does the Sega Jump Pack work with the Interact light gun. I have a interact light gun and a VMU and they work together. So, will the jump pack work too. Thank you for your time!

Hello John Wegner, I am Celeryface and I have a quick answer for you. Yes the Jump Pack does work with the Interact light gun for the Dreamcast. Enjoy :)

From: Mark McCann
Subject: Bomberman Online


My girlfriend's favorite game is Bomberman (Saturn version in particular) playing the 2 player cooperative story mode or team battle mode. My question is, does this new Bomberman Online for Dreamcast have cooperative modes too, so that we can play as a team and not just competitively? Also, I saw mention that there are animals to ride, is this a certainty? Thanks for the information!


Hey Mark. We haven't received any info on a cooperative story mode in Bomberman Online, but you will be glad to hear that the game will have a team battle mode and a team tag mode! Bomberman Online features full online play for 1-4 players, so you will be able to play with Bomberman players from around the world. The "riding the animals" feature hasn't been confirmed yet, but we are working on it. (We will leave the last statement to your imagination) ;)

That concludes another great edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag. Be sure to send your PSO Version 2 letters for next week's mailbag, it will be a blast. As always you can send your letters to this address. Maybe you will see your letter in the next edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag. Have fun! :)

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