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   PlanetDreamcast | Community | Mailbag | 01/30/02
    Community - Mailbag

01/30/02 - Import BBA, Sega 2, ToeJam & Earl 3 and More!
- by Celeryface

Hey Dreamcast fans, Celeryface here to answer your questions and concerns about our site, the Dreamcast community, and whatever else you need to know about our favorite little white box, in the latest edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag.

This week we answer some of your questions and concerns about imported Broadband Adapters, ToeJam & Earl 3, Dreamkey 3.0, Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 2, and more! Now on with the mailbag, your letter might be in there!

From: Ultatryon
Subject: Import Broadband Adapter

I recently aquired an Imported Dreamcast BBA.. and well, im having troubles configuring it, as I do not know Japanese, and the Broadband passport disc is in Japanese..

If you know how to get around in it, or if you know of a translation guide, that would be most appreciated.

Thank you for any help you can give.

My suggestion would be to try out a few of the supported Broadband Adapter Dreamcast games to configure your import BBA. Games like Outrigger and PSO Version 2 might work. Good luck! :)

From: BosnianLinkz
Subject: Sega 2


hi everybody......i will like to know if sega is going to make another system ....anyways how did the dreamcast failed so fast ....please reply ......thank you

Sega has officially said that they are now in the business as a 3rd party developer, and will only be making games. So at the current moment Sega will not be making any more hardware, but you never know what will happen in the future.

According to Sega, the Dreamcast failed to meet their hardware sales mark in order to make a profit. They were losing way too much money on the systems, and Sega decided to drop the Dreamcast hardware and concentrate on making games for all platforms. So you now will be able to enjoy Sega games on all the next-gen platforms including Xbox, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and Gameboy Advance.

Sega will officially stop supporting the Dreamcast in March 2002, and currently NHL 2K2 is the only game scheduled to be released until then. So go out and grab some Dreamcast games as many retailers will be selling off their stock at low prices in order to make space to other platforms.

From: Tom Galvin
Subject: Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 2?

Why can't I find any other information about Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits vol. 2? Has the game been canceled?

Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 2 hit stores out of the blue and seemed to vanish just as fast. I personally never saw it at my local stores, but Retrovertigo got his hands on the game - You can check out the review right here. If you can't find the game at your local retailer, you might want to try online auctions and online stores to see if you can find it. Good luck on your treasure hunt. :)

From: aroostan
Subject: Dreamkey 3.0

Whats all this about dreamkey 3.0 ? what great improvements can we expect ? (if any) will i be able to use hotmail's MNS ?

Dreamkey 3.0 is the latest web browser software for the UK Dreamcast (PAL systems). The Dreamkey 3.0 is available right now to order, free of charge from Dreamarena. With Dreamkey 3.0, DC users will be able to use their ISP of choice, and after March 2002 Dreamkey 3.0 will be the only browser you will be able to use to access the Internet on your Dreamcast. You can get some more info on Dreamkey 3.0 from this official announcment.

From: Geoff Meador
Subject: ToeJam & Earl 3

I bought a Dreamcast late last year for three reasons: the price, the 2K2 sports lineup, and the (supposedly) upcoming ToeJam and Earl 3.

The two guys behind ToeJam and Earl maintain a website ( which, as of October 16, indicates that despite the changes in the economy and Sega's cancellation of the Dreamcast, the game WILL still appear.

There have been no further updates. Do you have any newer information? was recently updated with the official word that ToeJam & Earl 3 is not coming out for the Dreamcast, but it will be making its way to another next-gen console.

So we will definately see the game, but will the box art sport the Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube logo? Once we find out, we will let you all know.

That concludes another great edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag. Stay tuned as we will be back with more answers to your letters. Be sure to keep sending them. As always, you can send your letters to this address. Maybe you will see your letter in the next edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag. Have fun! :)

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