The VMU icon is a hidden file named ICONDATA_VMS and is two blocks. It will display a 16 color 32x32 pixel icon on your VMU in the File menu on the Dreamcast`s main menu and it will also display a monochrome version of the icon on your VMU`s LCD screen when you are in the Dreamcast`s main menu!

  I made this site because I thought the idea of having my own VMU icons was cool and when I first saw the Capcom icon that Power Stone(import) put on my VMU, I want to download more off the internet. But I couldn't find them any where. Then one day I saw that someone was tring to make VMU icons on So I emailed them asking how they did it and they told me that they used the program that comes with those 4/8/16 meg memory cards that have the pc link. So I searched for the program on the net and in about 30 minutes I found it.

  So I made this site so that other people can discover this cool feature for Dreamcast!   :)

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