December 2000
11:49 AM 12/23/2000

  Three new icons! They are:
KISS Psycho Circus VMU Icon
Sega Fighter VMU Icon
SNK Logo VMU Icon

6:08 PM 12/22/2000

  New site theme! Tell me what you thank [email protected].

2:17 PM 12/19/2000

  Two new icons! They are:
Dragon Ball Z - SS Gohan VMU Icon
Linux VMU Icon

11:18 AM 12/16/2000

  Eight new icons! They are:
Jet Grind Radio - Cube VMU Icon
Jet Grind Radio - Gum VMU Icon
Jet Grind Radio - Mew VMU Icon
Jet Grind Radio - Piranha VMU Icon
Limp Bizkit - Significant Other VMU Icon
Nirvana VMU Icon 1
Nirvana VMU Icon 2
Simpsons - Mr. Burns

9:39 AM 12/9/2000

  Two new icons! They are:
Dr. Dre VMU Icon
Trilateral Commission VMU Icon

5:40 PM 12/8/2000

  Six new icons! They are:
Ghost Busters VMU Icon
Jennifer Lopez VMU Icon
Prince VMU Icon
Super Sonic VMU Icon
Weed (marijuana) VMU Icon
World Industries VMU Icon

5:21 PM 12/6/2000

  I have great news to report for all you anti-planetweb people and those of you using a European or Japanese Browser or even people that like the Chu Chu Rocket Browser, because now you can download the icons with those browsers!    :)    Thanks go out to badass_hank(Adam Coyne) from the GameSpy Network Technical Support and Marcus Comstedt(You can visit his site @ for making this possible!

7:45 PM 12/1/2000

  Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been real busy with school, the holidays, and I won Limp Bizkit tickets on SegaNet, so Wednesday night I was at the concert and it was so f*ck'n awesome! GodSmack and DMX were also there, I don't really care about DMX, but it was cool!
Also I made eight new icons!! They are:
Dragon Ball Z - SS Trunks VMU Icon 2
Jewel Staite VMU Icon
Mario VMU Icon
Master System VMU Icon 1
Master System VMU Icon 2
Napster VMU Icon
Soccer Shirt - Number 33 VMU Icon
X Box VMU Icon


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