November 2000
1:37 PM 11/21/00

  Nine new icons!! They are:
Gauntlet Legends - Red Warrior VMU Icon
Gauntlet Legends - Yellow Valkyrie VMU Icon
Gauntlet Legends - Yellow Wizard VMU Icon
Pentagram VMU Icon
Power Puff Girls - Blossom VMU Icon
Power Puff Girls - Mojo-Jojo VMU Icon
Star Wars VMU Icon
Star Wars - Darth Maul VMU Icon
Weezer VMU Icon

11:33 AM 11/20/00

  Two new icons!! They are:
NFL Blitz 2001 VMU Icon
Shenmue VMU Icon 2

8:30 AM 11/19/00

  One new icons!! It is a Britney Spears VMU Icon!

8:56 PM 11/18/00

  Two new icons!! They are:
Dragon Ball - Goku VMU Icon
Gundam Wing - Wing Zero VMU Icon

Also there is some good news for everyone in Europe and Japan! Because I think I will have the icons working on the European/Japanese Browsers soon!

10:21 PM 11/17/00

  One new icons!! It is a Biohazard VMU Icon!

9:30 PM 11/17/00

  Two new icons!! They are:
Resident Evil 3 VMU Icon 1
Resident Evil 3 VMU Icon 2

I bet you know what game I just got! :)

6:46 PM 11/17/00

  Three new icons!! They are:
Metal Gear Solid - Close Up of Snake VMU Icon
Quake III - Bitter Man VMU Icon
Rush 2112 VMU Icon

6:59 PM 11/13/00

  Nine new icons!! They are:
Atari Logo VMU Icon
Chicago Blackhawks VMU Icon
Dragon Ball Z - Android 18 VMU Icon
Dragon Ball Z - Buu VMU Icon
Dragon Ball Z - Cell VMU Icon
Dragon Ball Z - Frieza VMU Icon
Dragon Ball Z - Gogeta VMU Icon
Metallica VMU Icon
Winnie the Pooh VMU Icon

4:22 PM 11/10/00

  Seven new icons!! They are:
Quake III - Anarki VMU Icon
Quake III - Bones VMU Icon
Quake III - Hunter VMU Icon
Quake III - Klesk VMU Icon
Quake III - Orbb VMU Icon
Quake III - Sarge VMU Icon
Quake III - Xaero VMU Icon

8:30 PM 11/8/00

  Three new icons!! They are:
Absolute Sega Logo VMU Icon
Dead or Alive 2 - Ayane VMU Icon
Shenmue - Ling Sha Hua VMU Icon

Also if there are a lack of updates it is because I just got Shenmue  :)  hehe! But I will most likly be updating the site everyday!

4:03 PM 11/7/00

  I just added a new icon! Its is a Quake I VMU Icon!

8:35 PM 11/6/00

  Two new icons!! They are:
Gundam Wing VMU Icon
Rose Perfect VMU Icon 2

8:28 PM 11/5/00

  I just added a new icon! Its is a Dragon Ball Z - SS Vegeta VMU Icon!

5:40 PM 11/5/00

  I just added six new icons! They are:
Buna? VMU Icon
Morrigan VMU Icon 1
Morrigan VMU Icon 2
Morrigan VMU Icon 3
Rose Perfect VMU Icon
Succubus VMU Icon

11:57 AM 11/5/00

  I just added three new icons! They are:
ICP VMU Icon 1
ICP VMU Icon 2
ICP VMU Icon 3

10:42 AM 11/4/00

  I just added seven new icons! They are:
Eminem VMU Icon
G.I. Joe VMU Icon 1
G.I. Joe VMU Icon 2
G.I. Joe VMU Icon 3
G.I. Joe VMU Icon 4
Transformer VMU Icon 3
Transformer VMU Icon 4

7:49 PM 11/3/00

  I have fixed the icons! You can just click on the icon you want when the fileplanet page loads just scroll down and pic download from one of the servers!

8:11 PM 11/2/00

  Sorry but you will not be able to download icons for a while i'm having problems with my new host and the icons files, but i will have it fixed ASAP!

4:29 PM 11/2/00

  Welcome to my new host! I am now part of the GameSpy Network!

3:36 PM 11/1/00

  Well I am changing host, so soon when you visit "" there will be a link to my new host! Which is part of the Game Spy Network. My new host address will be ""! But you will also be able to get to the site if you go to ""!

Also the other day ZDNET GameSpot reported that the got the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter, which allows you to hook your Dreamcast up to an LAN, DSL, or cable modem connection!! They had no lags on Quake III and fraged all the modem users!! If you would like to read about it go to:


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