September 2000
4:24 PM 9/30/00

  I have just added eightteen more icons. I made the following:

Action Replay VMU Icon
Bust A Move 4 VMU Icon
Centiped VMU Icon
Ecco The Dolphin VMU Icon
Fur Fighters VMU Icon
Jet Set Radio VMU Icon
Nightmare Creatures 2 VMU Icon
Omikron: The Nomad Soul VMU Icon
Roadsters VMU Icon
Samba de Amigo! VMU Icon
San Francisco Rush 2049 VMU Icon
Seaman VMU Icon 1
Seaman VMU Icon 2
South Park Rally VMU Icon
Super Magnetic Neo VMU Icon
Toy Story VMU Icon

They are in the section of the letter they start with!

1:38 PM 9/30/00

  I just added nine new icons, five to the "V" section, three to the "W" section, and one in the "Z" section!

8:32 PM 9/29/00

  I just added two NFL 2K1 icons to the "N" section and a Sydney 2000 icon in the "S" section!

9:27 PM 9/27/00

  I just added two new icons to the "K" section and nine new icons to the "T" section!

8:17 PM 9/27/00

  Unreal VMU icon just added it is in the "U" section!

7:54 PM 9/26/00

  Half Life VMU icon just added it is in the "H" section!

6:18 PM 9/26/00

  I just added two new icons, I made a PS2 icon it is in the "P" section and I made a VMU icon for this site it is in the "D" section!

5:24 PM 9/25/00

  I just added four new icons, I made a Quake III icon it is in the "Q" section!
I also made a Amercan/Japanese Dreamcast logo and a European Logo.
And I made a icon for DCKINGS.COM! All those icons are in the "D" section!

7:24 PM 9/24/00

  I just added 21 icons to the "S" section! I will be adding more icons soon.

5:45 PM 9/21/00

  Sorry but I might not be able to put up those icons in the "S" section! Because is haveing server errors and I use there web site to convert my DCM files to VMS files. There is more bad news, my ISP isn't working right so I am going to get it turned off. But the good part is I most likly will be getting DSL. Because of this there might not be that many updates for a while.

And one other thing is that if any one has Quake III, Half Life, or Unreal for PC, send me the icon for it and i'll make it into a VMU Icon! :) Send it to:
[email protected]

7:29 PM 9/20/00

  Just to let every one know, my domain name is up. So now you can visit us at!

7:29 PM 9/20/00

  I will have 21 new icons up in the "S" section tomorrow. :)
Also please leave your comments in the forum.

8:06 PM 9/19/00

  Now it will be easyer to remember DREAMCAST VMU ICONS`s URL, because I just got! But they said it might be up to 48 hours before it is up and going.
I also got over 100 hits today! Great job everybody! This site is doing better than I thought.
Keep telling every one you know with a DC about us.

6:08 PM 9/19/00

  I have added a Lodoss War VMU Icon to the "L" section and six new vmu icons to the "R" section.

Monday, September 18, 2000

  Nine new icons added to the "P" section!

Monday, September 18, 2000

   Dreamcast VMU ICONS has opened! :) Tell all your friends, post this site on all your favorite measage board and have fun with the icons. Back

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