Here you will find some tools that I use!

This program is for EMS NEXUS DC 4M / 16M RAM Card or 2M /
4M rumble Pack (Need Double Power),
Enlarge 20% space more.
(241 blocks each page)

No Effect For Other Brand DC Memory Card!! DC LINKER V2.11B
This program is for Nexus DC 4MB/16MB RAM CARD or DOUBLE
, Upload,Download,Edit data.
The program can detect 241 blocks upload and download in file level.
Older version Only can detect 200 blocks.
(for win95/98/2K) DCI_VMI
This program is for converting VMS files to VMI and DCI files.
(for msdos/win9x) LView Pro
This is the program I use to make my icons before I make them in to
DCM files to become VMS files. This program requires
Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0.
This is a great place to upload DCI and DCM files. It converts the files to VMI/VMS so that you can download them with you DC.
Also good place to share VMU files! SEGA Dreamworld
This is a good place to get Dreamcast Stuff like SFDs(Videos you can watch with the Dreamcast Web Browser), Saves, VMU Games, VMU animations, Jet Grind Radio Graffiti, MP3s, and a lot of other cool stuff!
This place has ftp stuff for DC.
You can upload vmu saves from your DC to your ftp!
(Must have Web Browser 2 or higher to do this.) VMU
This is a great VMU web site! They have saves and a lot of other VMU stuff.

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