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Welcome to my Jet Set Radio Graffiti site! Here you'll find several sets of graffiti I've made for use with the Sega Dreamcast game, Jet Set Radio (for some strange reason, it was renamed Jet Grind Radio in America). Much of the graffiti is based on classic pieces of art, but there are also graffiti sets based on anime, video games, and "bikini babes" as well. At any rate, the graffiti on this site is a heck of a lot more exciting than what Sega included with the game.

To download these into your Dreamcast VMU, you will need to connect to the internet thru the in-game browser of Jet Set Radio. Once you are at Sega's site, go to the links page, click on the dialog box, and enter the following web address with the onscreen keyboard:

Or if you want to type something shorter, you can still enter the site's old address: and it will send you here.

Once you've read all this crap ;-) go to Classic Art and you should see a page full of thumbnails. Images are grouped into sets (one each of small, large, and XL graffiti) according to various themes, though you can mix and match images at will.* The number of blocks required for each set is listed in the right hand column. Note that this is an estimate, and may be off by 1 or 2 blocks. You should be able to get at least 2 sets of graffiti on an empty memory card, save for one category: Anime. For some reason, these didn't compress very well (nasty JPEG artifacts if I compressed them too much) so I had to leave them rather large.

*If you are mixing images from various sets, you can calculate the approximate number of blocks a JPEG image will require by using this simple formula: 1K = 2 blocks. For even greater accuracy, round the image size up to the nearest whole number, multiply by 2 and then add one. For instance, if an image is 10.1 K, round 10.1 up to 11, so you have (11 x 2) + 1 = 23 blocks.

To download an image, first click on the thumbnail to load the full sized image. Next press the "X" and "A" buttons at the same time to save the image to your VMU. Hit the right trigger button to bring up a menu and select BACK to return to the thumbnail page. When you're finished downloading images, exit to the game (try hitting the left trigger button to bring up another menu). After loading a previously saved game, you'll go to the garage, and from there, choose to go to the Graffiti area. Note that the memory card with the graffiti you wish to load MUST be in Expansion Socket 1, Controller Port A. See page 18 of the manual for more information. You can swap cards once you're in the Graffiti Area, but you may need to back up a screen and then return before the game recognizes the graffiti on the VMU.

And if you plan on downloading a lot of graffiti, I highly recommend a 4X memory card. I've got the 800 block card by Performance, and I've managed to squeeze about 10 sets of graffiti on the card, and still have room left for a couple of save files.

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