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Think that Dreamcast Gamepad is the only way to play games on the Dreamcast? Think again. There's all sorts of alternative gamepads, joysticks, steering wheels, light guns, and even fishing controllers to play with.

  • Gamepads
  • Joysticks
  • Steering Wheels
  • Light Guns
  • Fishing Controllers
  • Gamepads

  • Dreamcast Gamepad - Sega | $34.99
    The official Sega controller is a strange looking creation but very comfortable in the hands. There are four buttons on the top and the analog triggers on the underneath sides are excellent. The pad has a standard eight-way digital pad, as well as an analog pad which provides smooth turning as well as sensitive, responsive movement. The pad has two slots at the top which house various extra peripherals, such as the Jump Pack, or the innovative VMU.
  • Dreamcast Gamepad
  • Astropad - Performance | $24.99
    Peformance's basic pad. It has all the standard options including an autofire function, and also comes in four colorful shades: red, green, blue and black.
  • Astropad
  • Quantum Fighter Pad - Interact | $29.99
    A metallic colored pad with six buttons on the front, like the MadCatz pad. Two are the triggers as digital buttons, as well as the standard analog triggers underneath. This pad also features autofire and programmable functions.
  • Quantum Fighter Pad
  • Dream Pad - MadCatz | $19.99
    MadCatz's version of the official pad, main difference being the triggers are now represented by two buttons on the front of the pad as well as the two analog triggers underneath . This makes using the pad for fighting games a little bit easier. The pad also sports a rubber grip to make handling easier on the hands.

    Read our Review

  • Dream Pad

  • Alloy Arcade Stick - Interact | $59.99
    An analog, arcade style joystick with an eight-way directional control stick, six fire buttons, autofire, and padded hand rests. Includes a VMU slot and is programmable.
  • Alloy Arcade Stick
  • Arcade Stick - Agetec | $49.99
    The Dreamcast brings home the world class graphics and game play of the arcade, and fighting game fans can now bring home that arcade machine feel. The Arcade Stick for Dreamcast features a heavy duty metal base for stability, six large buttons in a traditional arcade layout, and an arcade stick that will stand up to the heaviest competition.
  • Arcade Stick
    Steering Wheels

  • Dream Wheel - MadCatz
    MadCatz's wheel has a built-in rumble feature, rubber grips and separate foot pedals. Nice. It also comes with a slot for the VMU and has MadCatz's AccuDrive Calibration system.
  • Dream Wheel
  • Radius Racing Pad - Interact | $34.99
    A highly innovative pad which has all the standard features of a Dreamcast pad, however it can also double up as a racing wheel, as its built in gyro allows you to turn it up to 60 degrees either way as a responsive racing device.
  • Radius Racing Pad
  • Rally Wheel - Agetec | $49.99
    Licensed and approved by Sega, the Agetec Rally Wheel features a heavy duty metal base for great stability, analog control, and cool high performance style brake and accelerator controls.

    Read our Review

  • Agetec Rally Wheel
  • Concept 4 Racing Wheel - Interact | $59.99
    This steering wheel comes with realistic pedals, metal shifters, built-in rumble, and an adjustable wheel. It's also programmable.
  • Concept 4 Racing Wheel
    Light Guns

  • Dreamcast Gun - Sega
    (Only available in Europe and Asia) For games like House Of the Dead 2, this is ideal. It features incredibly accurate aiming and comes replete with a digital pad as well, to make navigating menus a breeze. The gun is also compatible with both the VMU and the vibration pack meaning that using the gun does not compromise all the options of a standard controller. The official gun is not available in the U.S., however there are at least two third party guns available in the U.S., and there are sure to be more to follow.
  • Dreamcast Gun
  • Dream Blaster - MadCatz
    If you live in the U.S. this or the Interact gun will be your only means of playing House of the Dead 2 as it was meant to be played. Well don't worry because both are quality guns and are certainly worthy of your money. MadCatz's particular gun features rubber grips, multiple fire modes and a jump pack slot.
  • Dream Blaster
  • Star Fire Light Blaster - Interact | $29.99
    The other third party gun available at the time HOTD2 is available. For Americans this is the only other option, although I'm sure once the Dreamcast picks up momentum we will see further 3rd party peripheral support, and inevitably more guns. This gun looks a lot uglier than the MadCatz one, but serves its purpose. The Star Fire features a variety of reload options, including an auto-reload function.
  • Star Fire Blaster
    Fishing Controllers

  • Fishing Controller - Sega | $39.99
    Designed primarily for Sega's Bass Fishing game, the fishing controller features a built-in motion sensor. As you move the controller, the fishing rod within the game moves with it. The vibration module responds when fish bite your lure, and you can bring the fish in with the "true-action" reel. Also includes the analog stick and all the buttons so you won't have to reach for your standard gamepad while playing.
  • Fishing Controller
  • Fishing Controller - Interact
    Visually an exact clone of Sega's fishing controller, although the built-in sensor is inferior which is especially noticable when casting and hooking-up.
  • Fishing Controller

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