Make your own icons tutorial
  1.   First you will need to use Microsoft Paint to make your icon! Open Paint and resize the image area to 32x32 and make your icon. Then save it.

  2.   Now you will need to get LView Pro ( After you download and install it, open it. When you have LView open click on File and then Open... now open the bmp file you saved with Paint. When you have it open, click on Color > Palette Operations > Global Palette. Click on "Create a palette with exactly (16) colors" Make sure the box has 16 in it and uncheck "Include the default Windows' colors (min. 16 colors)", then click ok and save it.

  3.   Now open the bmp file in Paint again. When you have it open, click File > Save As... Now you will need to change the "Save as type" to "256 Color Bitmap (*.bmp,*.dib)" Then click Save.

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