Make your own icons tutorial
  4.  Now you will need the DC LINKER V2.11B ( When you have that open, right-click on the file area and click "New DCM File" then type in the name you want the file to be and click save. Once again right-click on the file area but this time click "Import Caption BMP" and then open the BMP file we made in the last step. Now click on the colors you want to show on the LCD Screen of your VMU and choose a name for your icon. When your finished click OK.

  5.   Now if you are have a VMU that you can connect to your computer, you can connected and load the DCM file to your VMU with the DC LINKER. But if you don't have one then you will need to upload your icon to the internet and then get on the net with you Dreamcast and download it to your VMU! The only place you can upload DCM files to the net and be able to download them to your VMU with the Dreamcast Web Browser is To do this you will need to go to When you get there you will need to either login or sign up for a login name! When you login, you will need to click the Browse button next to the "Select the .dcm file to upload" box. Find your DCM file you made in the last step and open it. After the you need to click "Upload Saved Game".

  6.   When your icon has been uploaded it will say "Your saved game was successfully uploaded.". When it says this you need to get on the internet with your Dreamcast and go to Login and and when you are loged in go to the bottom of the page and you will see your icon, click on it and save it to your VMU. Now you have your own VMU icon. If you don't want to make an icon just go to and download icons that are on the site. Have fun making icons :)

        ...tutorial made by:    Robert smith([email protected])

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