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Is there anything that AM2 can't do? - by RaptoR

Outtrigger Logo

It's a fact that gamers like to kill each other. If they didn't, then games like Quake III Arena wouldn't have been such successes. It's also a fact that gamers like to kill terrorists and organised crime bosses, and AM2's Outtrigger satisfies the average gamer's need to blow things apart with hideously powerful weapons.

Outtrigger looks to be the latest in AM2's library of Dreamcast successes. We must remember that these are the guys behind such classics as Shenmue, Virtua Fighter 3, and F355 Challenge. The game was released in the Japanese arcades first, which should say something about the standard of storyline. You're a member of an organisation known as "Interforce" which helps to combat terrorism around the globe, and by that I mean torch/hack/pummel your enemy to death. Outtrigger's single player missions simply allows you to choose one of the game's four characters -- Jay, Alain, Lina, and Talon -- and plough your way through the game's arenas, packed with terrorists and other goons. There's often a set goal and time limit for each level. Once you've completed the goal, you move onto the next level. Sadly, there appears to be only four single player areas, however, Outtrigger's multiplayer modes make up for this. If you're new to first person shooters, then never fear. AM2 have included a training section where you can hone your skills before attempting the single player section.

The maps are pretty darn detailed.

Why is that rocket... ribbed? (Quiet, you.)

However, as is the case with Quake III Arena, perhaps the main reason that the gaming public will buy Outtrigger is its online gaming mode. This is deathmatch with a difference. AM2 have realised that people don't want to play as "just another person using some player model," but as their own unique character. They've implemented this feature into Outtrigger with great effectiveness, adding a more personal touch to the on-line experience. You can team up and play against each other or simply battle it out deathmatch-style. Sega is also promising some exciting new features for online Outtrigger players. There will be a battle room (similar to Phantasy Star Online's lobby areas), as well as an online ranking system similar to Unreal Tournament's NGWorldStats. Thankfully, however, AM2 haven't forgotten gamers who want to play multiplayer Outtrigger offline, as the game will include a split screen two or four player mode. Will gamers desert their copies of Quake III Arena and become Outtrigger addicts? Only time will tell.

As every PC gamer knows, you need a keyboard and mouse to experience first person shooters the way they're meant to be played. Does anyone remember trying to play Quake III Arena on a gamepad? It's likely that we'll be graced with a similarly baffling setup for those who choose to play with the standard DC controller. For this reason, you'd be better off using the Dreamcast keyboard and mouse to play Outtrigger.

Weapons play a major part in any first-person shooter, and Outtrigger is no different. Its weapons are just as outlandish as those seen in the likes of Quake III Arena, and the upcoming Unreal Tournament. Each character has his or her own unique (and oversized) weapons, these include grenade launchers, rail guns, and machine guns, although you'll also find bonus items such as guided missiles, photon torpedoes, flame throwers, and sniper rifles. It seems AM2 are striving to create as many different ways as possible to slay your foes.

Hello, armageddon.

The radar points out where your opponents are, which is kinda weird for a deathmatch game.

The graphics are nothing short of fantastic. This is not surprising considering it's a NAOMI to Dreamcast port. We've seen the team conjure up some gorgeously detailed and atmospheric visuals of late, and Outtrigger is no exception. The game's arenas include a museum, an Asian ruin, a blast furnace, a busy station, and a coliseum to name a few. The visual style is much brighter than the dull FPS graphics that Quake III Arena introduced us to. Many complained that it was difficult to aim in Quake III Arena due to its relatively low framerate and slightly unclear graphics. This doesn't appear to be a problem in Outtrigger with its clear, crisp visuals and smooth framerate. We can also expect lavish, colorful weapon effects and power-ups, not to mention lots of colored lighting.

Overall, Outtrigger looks set to take arcade and first person shooter fans by storm. AM2 have proven to us that they can analyse just about any genre and create a quality game. While there's no mistaking that Outtrigger is an arcade FPS, hardened Quake addicts shouldn't hold that against it. It's easy to get into, but deeper than it first appears. Its wealth of game modes, options, and sleek graphics will make it something that you can always go back to, and a fine addition to the Dreamcast first person shooter library.

Next: More screenshots!

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