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   PlanetDreamcast | Features | Sega Trivia Test #3

Sega Trivia Test #3
Remember the SMS? - by BenT

My pants are full of gems!!!
PlanetDreamcast's Sega Trivia Test (STT) appears every so often to test your knowledge of Sega-related trivia. Last time we quizzed you on the Saturn, the ill-fated predecessor to Sega's Dreamcast. This time around, we're going even further back -- to the dusty old days of the Sega Master System. The SMS did even worse than the Saturn, taking an enormous beating from the market-leading Nintendo Entertainment System. Still, it had a bunch of neat titles, and is definitely worth picking up for any retrogamer seeking lost 8-bit classics. Think you know the SMS? You're about to find out.

Jump in and answer, and then take a look below and see how you do. The test automatically scores your responses and lets you know where you stack up on the next page. If you think this is too easy, or you think you can stump us, why not send us some questions? If we like 'em, they could be featured on a future Sega Trivia Test. Anything else in your mind? Send it our way.

And now, on to the questions!

1. The first Sega Master System package included...

1 Controller, 1 Light Phaser
1 Controller, 3D Glasses
2 Controllers, 1 Light Phaser
2 Controllers, 3D Glasses
1 12 oz. steak, sensible preparation suggestions

2. What was the Sega Master System's original pack-in game?

Enduro Racer
Hang On / Safari Hunt
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Super Sonic-o Brothers / Duck Punt

3. In Japan, the Sega Master System was known as...

the Sega Family Computer
the Sega Mercury
the Sega Mark III
the Sega Steve II

4. The SMS's CPU would later serve as the Genesis' sound chip. Name it.

That's easy! *adjusts pocket protector* It was a 6502.
68000 is a big number, and elephants are big... that must be it!
8086 is a nice number.
Z80 has a letter in it.
The 31337tium.

5. This SMS game is better known as Adventure Island on the NES.

Miracle Warriors
Montezuma's Revenge

6. The Sega Master System and NEC TurboGrafx-16 shared what trait in common?

Both had expensive 3D Glasses you could use with select games.
Both had white shells.
Both had Light Guns (ok... Phasers).
Both accepted games printed on thin plastic cards, rather than carts.
Both had special two-button controllers to support their excellent Street Fighter ports.

7. As a whole, the SMS' 3D Glasses technology was referred to as...

SegaScope 3D
Sega Virtua Shades

8. Phantasy Star is considered by many to be *the* RPG of the 8-bit era. What year did it hit the States?

It never came out here... yet another early blunder by Sega.

9. A large toy company distributed the SMS in the US from 1987 to 1989. I am referring to...


10. Pop star Michael Jackson contributed his likeness and music to which SMS game?

Smooth Criminal
Altered Beast
Phantasy Star Kids
Alien Syndrome

11. The quirkiest thing about the original SMS hardware was...

The pause button wasn't on the controller, but on the console
The controllers were hard-wired to the system
The emission from the Light Phaser was actually visible to dogs, leading to a number of tragic "mad dog" incidents before it was recalled
The Sega Power Pad accessory allowed you to exercise and play certain games simultaneously
It had a tendency to become self-aware if left on for three weeks playing a Shinobi cart

12. Which SMS game title did I just make up?

Dead Angle
Psycho Fox
Rambo: First Blood Part 2
Alex Kidd in Concubine World

13. Which of the following names/titles was used for two (completely different) NES and SMS games?

Fantasy Zone
Pro Wrestling
My Hero
Kung Fu Kid Icarus

14. The SMS was...

Black, and more powerful than the NES
Black, and less powerful than the NES
Gray, and more powerful than the NES
Gray, and less powerful than the NES

15. Sega released a Genesis add-on that allowed the new system to play classic SMS games. What was it called?

The Power Base Convertor
The Incredible Sausage
The SMS Link
The Step Back Convertor
The Slowdown Facilitator

16. This semi-popular SMS mascot was later replaced by Sonic, and is now looking for work as a wallet model.

Air Zonk
Joe Musashi
Alex Kidd
Phantasy Phred

17. Besides Sega, only two companies released SMS games in the US. Who were they?

Absolute Entertainment and Activision
Parker Brothers and Hasbro
Activision and Parker Brothers
Hasbro and Tonka
Tonka and Worlds of Wonder

18. Which Sega arcade game was never translated to the SMS?

Golden Axe
Shadow Dancer
Altered Beast
Thunder Blade
Space Harrier

19. This decidedly average Zelda rip-off was created by the future shooter gods known as Compile.

Golvellius: Valley of Doom
Golden Axe Warrior
Miracle Warriors
Phantasy Star Kids
Lord of the Sword

20. Finally, which of the following is essentially a portable Sega Master System?

Game Gear
Master Gear
Mary-Kate Olsen

That's it! You're Done!

If you like, go back over your answers and make sure you're ready to have your test graded. When you're satisfied, click on the "Submit For Scoring" button below.

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