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   PlanetDreamcast | Games | Reviews | Floigan Bros.
    Floigan Bros.
It can be fun to command an idiot. - Review By Celeryface - Page 2/2

  • More Good

    Sometimes, Moigle will be stubborn...

    The characters in the game are kinda cool, and can be humorous at times. There are some funny jokes, and wacky situations that both the Floigan brothers get into. I would even recommend this game for children, as they may enjoy playing the mini-games and interacting with Moigle.

    Also worth noting, is that the voice acting in the Floigan Brothers is of a very high caliber. The voices are funny, and suit the characters well. Also, the lip-synching is pretty much perfect, giving the illusion of a cartoon once more. I would place this title on par with the recently released Stupid Invaders in terms of voice acting. Very high quality stuff, indeed.

    It's hard to pass up a game that sells brand new for $19.99. And that's exactly why it may be hard to pass up Floigan Bros. Sega has decided to sell the game for the stated low price. And this is probably due, at least in part, the the very short length of the game. But you'll have to read on to find out more about that!

  • The Bad

    These boxes will be essential to unlocking new areas of the game.

    Having great visuals is great, but having camera problems can really frown on a game. Floigan Bros. has some serious camera angle issues. I've noticed on numerous occasions that the camera would dip below ground level or even stick behind a wall. This can really get in the way of the gameplay and it's frustrating to attempt to move the camera back to normal following position while attempting to play the game.

    Also, the Tamogotchi-like gameplay can get boring. If you are not a fan of raising and teaching Moigal new things, you won't enjoy the game all that much. The storyline is almost not present in the game. There is a small storyline that goes with Floigan Bros. though, but it is evident that it isn't a big part of the game. As this game is being marketed as an platform/adventure game, it is disappointing that there wasn't more of a storyline to this episode. Hopefully, episode 2 of Floigan Brothers will have a more concrete plot to focus on, rather than showing off how advanced the AI system is. The game is centered on the interactivity of the brothers, rather than a any kind of narrative. I found this to be a turn-off, and you may too.

    The actual gameplay consists of playing mini-games which you will get rewarded for with points. These points can then be used to gain new things to teach Moigle. But once you get all the abilities to teach Moigle different things, there isn't much gameplay left, only mini-games, and interacting with Moigle. In all honesty, there are better things I could be doing with my time, like playing other great Dreamcast games such as Soul Calibur or Outtrigger than interacting with Moigle. It's kinda pointless in my opinion. But I can see the potentional of children really enjoying this game, as it is more of like virtual pet than a platform/adventure game.

    One of the big issues with the game is that the ending comes up very, very quick. Though it took me a bit longer, it has been reported that people have finished the entire game within the span of about two hours. And even though the game is only $20, some may still find this fact very alarming. Though you can still feed Moigle, play mini-games, and teach him new things after you complete the game, I had no desire to do so. It is disappointing, also, that there is really only one area to explore, the Junkyard. The game claims that there are thirteen areas within the Junkyard, but in all honesty, they are really very small and shouldn't be referred to as "areas". It's just one big level. And it's not really even that big. All I can do is hope that episode 2 will branch out into different parts of the Floigan Brothers world... if there is a second episode.

  • The Final Word

    To summarize the review, Floigan Bros sets a standard for AI programming, and it's a good game... if you like raising and training virual pets (in this case Moigle). I tip my hat to Visual Concepts for the great programming jobs they did with Floigan Bros, and the great graphics, but the storyline isn't something that will keep me interested, until episode 2 comes out. And let's not forget how short the game is. Don't be surprised if you complete the game in one sitting.

    So for $19.99 you can pick up a good game for the kids that they can enjoy, and that you can play through for the short time it takes to finish it. Though there are many great things present in Floigan Bros., it will take a sequel to really flesh them all out.

    Developer: Visual Concepts
    Publisher: Sega
    Genre: Platform/Adventure

    Highs: Great AI, good graphics, good voice acting, highly interactive world.
    Lows: Very short, camera problems, some may find minigames unappealing, weak story.
    Other: 1-Player, VMU Compatible (20 blocks), VGA Box compatible, Modem Compatible

    Final Score:

    (out of a possible 10)

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