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   PlanetDreamcast | Features | E3 2001 Coverage

E3 2001 Coverage
PlanetDreamcast covers all things Dreamcast and Sega for E3 2001 - by Mr. Domino

E<SUP>3</SUP> Logo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is chock full of E's and games. Each year the electronics industry gathers together in a spirit of love and capitalism to show its wares to various gaming press. Both digitaltaco and myself will have to do, and it is our job to relate back to our readers what they can expect in the upcoming months from game developers.

Look for the usual extensive, complete coverage of anything and everything Dreamcast you've come to expect from PlanetDreamcast. While the pickings are slim this year with several third-party developers having already left the platform, the Dreamcast still has dozens of great software coming in from Sega and dedicated third parties. E3 runs from May 17th through the 19th, and PDC will be reporting as fast as humanly possible directly from the floor.

May 19

  • Crazy Taxi 2 Impressions
    Get jumping with Sega's slammin' new sequel! - by digitaltaco

    Sega showed a finished version of Crazy Taxi 2 to hungry onlookers at their private booth this year. I was there to get down and dirty with the sequel, if only for a few minutes. Wanna know how it looks? Then click the link above, my friend.

  • World Series Baseball 2K2 First Look
    Ball flies in right field and... the player picks up the controller! - by Mr. Domino

    World Series Baseball 2K2 is the baseball game you've been waiting for since the first game's release. New announcer, full control over defense, and on-line play are just a small sample of the improvements you can expect with Sega's latest baseball title.

  • Confidential Mission Impressions
    "Light guns, light guns everywhere!". - by digitaltaco

    The semi-sequel to Virtua Cop 2 was at E3 and I saw it! Wanna know what I saw?

  • Outtrigger Impressions
    "Guns, power-ups and online action... What could be better?". - by digitaltaco

    We ran into Outtrigger at Sega's booth. Is the arcade, first-person shooter from AM2 worth its salt? Find out now!

  • Phantasy Star Online - Gamecube
    "Hey Mario, I need Resta over here quick!". - by digitaltaco

    A playable version of PSO for Nintendo's latest console was live at E3, and we were there. Check out our impressions.

May 18

May 17

  • Capcom's Future Dreamcast Plans
    Capcom will "probably" continue to support the Dreamcast. - by Mr. Domino

    We talked with Capcom a bit about what the company has in store for Sega's Dreamcast. See what the company had to say.

  • Crave's Razor Freestyle Scooter Hands-On
    Thin kids ride scooters? - by Mr. Domino

    Crave's Razor Freestyle Scooter is a great Dave Mirra knockoff which manages to break apart from the pack with its unique take on "Xtreme" sports.

  • Pelican's Super Golden 20 First Impressions
    Pelican gives us six games of 20. - by Mr. Domino

    Can't find a Nomad? Don't mind carrying around a TV for portable gaming? Pelican's Super Golden 20 looks to solve some of your problems.

  • Heavy Metal Geomatrix Preview
    Who's hot for some heavy metal? - by Mr. Domino

    A look at Capcom's heavy metal inspired fighter featuring music by Megadeth! Thrash your head, but not while playing, cause then you're more likely to get a rocket in your back.


  • E3 2001 Preview
    What can we expect from Sega for Dreamcast and beyond? - by Mr. Domino

    E3 will mark the last real showing of the Dreamcast, and while that's not all rainbows and pots full of gold puppies, Sega is making sure it bows out in style. We all know what to expect, but what surprises are in store for us as the Dreamcast and Sega goes into 2002?

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