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   PlanetDreamcast | Features | Sega Trivia Test #4

Sega Trivia Test #4
This time, we focus on (almost) everyone's favorite old school Sega developer - by BenT

My pants are full of gems!!!
PlanetDreamcast's Sega Trivia Test (STT) appears every so often to test your knowledge of Sega-related trivia. Last time we quizzed you on the Sega Master System, the not-so-popular-in-the-US predecessor to Sega's smash-hit Genesis. This time around, we bring our sights back to the present, focusing the spotlight on one of the finest game developers to ever grace the industry: Treasure! Hopefully, you've played a Treasure game or three in your time. Not only will that help you on this quiz, but you'll have experienced kick-ass action gaming at its best, too. So... do you think you know Treasure? You're about to find out.

Jump in and answer, and then take a look below and see how you do. The test automatically scores your responses and lets you know where you stack up on the next page. If you think this is too easy, or you think you can stump us, why not send us some questions? If we like 'em, they could be featured on a future Sega Trivia Test. Anything else on your mind? Send it our way.

And now, on to the questions!

1. Many of the people who formed Treasure formerly worked for which other game developer?

Capcom AND Koei

2. The first Treasure game to hit the US was...

Dynamite Headdy
Gunstar Heroes
Light Crusader
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

3. Which platform has Treasure never published a game on?

Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast
All of the above.

4. Who is the president of Treasure?

Tetsu Kayama
Masato Maegawa
Akira Morimoto
Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Bikke the Pirate

5. Treasure's headquarters is located in which city?

Angel Grove

6. The two main characters of Gunstar Heroes were named...

Red and Blue
Yellow and Red
Green and Red
Blue and Green
Mad Dog and Scorpion

7. In Gunstar Heroes, what weapon does the item combination of Lightning + Fire create?

a fireball gun with electrical properties
a lightsaber type dealie
Mexican homing bees
a 360 degree laser
Chicken Tonight´┐Ż

8. Dynamite Headdy starred...

a robot that looked suspiciously similar to Bomberman
an explosive-happy prospector searching for gold
a puppet that could fire its head as a weapon
a sentient pile of herbs and vegetables
popular TV character Max Headroom disguised as a chicken

9. Treasure's Action/RPG Light Crusader is superficially most similar to...

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Crusader of Centy
Beyond Oasis
Super Mario RPG

10. Light Crusader's strangest trait is probably...

the European style of its character design
a bug that makes the second dungeon floor impassible sometimes and scrambles the graphics
its novel experience point system
the fact that there is no music in the dungeons
the fact that you can kill the cows to harvest life-giving steaks

11. Treasure's Guardian Heroes for the Saturn revitalized which tired genre?

Contra-style shooting
Versus Fighting
Vertical shoot 'em ups
Side-scrolling beat 'em ups
Firefighting sims

12. The weirdest thing about Radiant Silvergun is...

the story is based on a popular Japanese novel
shooting certain spaces reveals collectible dogs
your weapons have ammo counts, so you can't just use one for the whole game
all of the enemies are either red, yellow, or green
all of the speech is in a fictional dialect -- not Japanese

13. Which publisher has never worked with Treasure?


14. Which of the following Treasure games was released in the United States?

Silhouette Mirage for the Saturn
Yuke Yuke Troublemakers for the N64
Rakugaki Showtime for the PlayStation
Yu Yu Hakusho for the Genesis
Radiant Silvergun for the Saturn

15. The graphic style of Rakugaki Showtime is most similar to that of...

Yoshi's Island
Mario 64
Jet Grind Radio
Vib Ribbon
Dragon Power

16. The only Treasure game to see an arcade release was...

Radiant Silvergun
Silhouette Mirage
Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh
Silpheed: The Lost Planet
Gunstar Heroes

17. The game from #16 ran on which arcade hardware platform?

Namco System 11
Namco System 246
Sega ST-V
Sega Model 2
Sega Naomi

18. This Naomi-based Treasure arcade game was canceled in 1999.

Blast Radius
Sniper Story Gaiden
Gun Brothers
Gleaming Tincannon

19. Alien Soldier's title screen featured the memorable quote "Now is time to the 68000 heart on fire!" What does it refer to?

The Genesis' CPU
"68000" is a numeric code for the lead programmer's last name
68000 was the highest score achieveable in the game
The lead character, an android, had the serial number 68000
Only 68,000 copies of the game were manufactured, which is why it's so expensive today

20. Finally, how many Treasure games have been released in the United States so far (excluding a certain perpetually-delayed PS2 title)?

68000! Wait, no! Crap!

That's it! You're Done!

If you like, go back over your answers and make sure you're ready to have your test graded. When you're satisfied, click on the "Submit For Scoring" button below.

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