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Best DC Games - [Intro] [Fighting] [Platform] [RPG] [Sports] [FPS] [Racing] [Puzzle] [Shooter] [Adventure] [Misc.]

Best DC Adventure Games

When it comes to console games, the term "adventure" is a lot more broad than it used to be. For our purposes, we'll define it as any game that isn't quite an RPG, but isn't a pure action game, either. That broad enough for ya?

  • Shenmue

    Ryo searchs for his father's killer when not playing some Super Hang-On.
    Ryo's epic adventure to find his father's killer has everyone wondering what happened on the day of the incident. It's no wonder that Yu Suzuki's pet project would be an amazing game after years of development and a hefty $20 million budget. Shenmue brings games one step closer to reality -- there's a time scale, all non-playing characters actually have their own lives to lead, and enemy encounters are presented realistically. You can interact with nearly every object and learn and master several different martial arts. It's this attention to detail which makes the game an amazing experience.

    Of course, the realistic elements are technically impressive, but that's not what make Shenmue stand out as a game. The search for the father's killer is a genuinely interesting mystery and the psuedo-Virtua Fighter combat system makes defending Ryo from gangs a joy to play. While the combat alternates between a beat-em up and a Dragon's Lair-style system for quick, cinematic encounters, players should just be warned that the first disc or two spends most of its time setting up the story as opposed to letting Ryo bash some skulls. Although it remains to be seen what will happen with the remaining chapters of the saga once Shenmue 2 is released, the game is still a somewhat complete story unto itself and very much worth getting. For adventure fans looking for something new, Shenmue is sure to fit the bill.

  • Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

    Ecco puts my pets to shame by saving the world again from an alien menace.
    When Sega announced a secret Genesis project codenamed "Dolphin" back in 1992, millions of gamers didn't know what to make of it. A realistic portrayal of a dolphin set in an adventure game -- a sea mammal which can't so much as speak let alone equip a gun? Thankfully, to everyone's surprise, Ecco the Dolphin showed that there was still life in the adventure genre and room for new ideas. With a challenging quest, great level design and graphics, and an amazing soundtrack (on the Sega CD versions), Ecco the Dolphin showed everyone that a dolphin can be Indiana Jones for a day.

    The Dreamcast game Ecco the Dolphin ushered in a new era of Sega revitalizing its more successful classics. Ecco the Dolphin is one of those rare instances of a company taking a 2-D game and making it work in 3-D. Defender of the Future is an amazing looking game -- the rich textures and animation really bring the sea life to life. The game is also among the most challenging around again, but you'll enjoy it thanks to tight control, a brilliant atmosphere, and well done story.

  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica

    You may think she's cute, but she probably stinks of zombie.
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica finally brought the series into 3-D and, although it loses some of the cinematic edge the fixed cameras did provide, the change both enhances the graphics and gameplay. Capcom's Resident Evil ushered in a new era of horror gaming that others such as Alone In the Dark just couldn't manage. Most of the series' accomplishments are due to the control scheme, story, excellent character designs, and, of course, gore, all of which continue the tradition in Code Veronica.

    Code Veronica takes place just after Resident Evil 2. Claire Redfield must escape from prison and uncover the secrets behind the Umbrella Corporation's biological secrets. Although the backtracking involved at points can be annoying and the save system is as hellish as ever, Code Veronica still is undoubtedly one of the best adventure games on the Dreamcast.

  • Fur Fighters

    Look past the cutesy graphics -- this game rocks.
    Bizarre Creations' Fur Fighters is one of the best action adventure games currently available. The game's plot sees the evil General Viggo having kidnapped all of the Fur Fighter village's children. It is up to the Fur Fighters to rescue all the children hidden throughout 30 huge levels. The game uses an MDK2-style control system, and is actually very similar to that title. Thankfully it isn't as frustrating as MDK2 and the difficultly curve isn't as steep. The game plays very much like a mission-based FPS but using a third person view. The control implementation is as good as is possible with the analog stick, although the side stepping can be a little slow at times.

    While the game may be considered childish, at least in appearance, the gameplay is anything but. The game also boasts the first deathmatch action on the Dreamcast, and is actually quite good fun if both players are adept enough with the controls. If you like the idea of this game but really can't stand the appearance, you may want to check out MDK2. It's also a great albeit short game (but beware of the insane challenge!).

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