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Best DC Racing Games

Ever since Night Driver and Pole Position, gamers have felt the need for speed. The Dreamcast brings this home in a whole new way, with incredible realism and attention to detail. Racing has never felt this fast or fun. The Dreamcast's library of racing games is quite extensive, so it was hard to narrow it down to only a handful.

  • Ferrari F355 Challenge

    The detail in the car model is unbelievable.
    Yu Suzuki, having made a name for himself with racing titles like Outrun and Daytona USA, made somewhat of a departure with the creation of Ferrari F355 Challenge. However, this Naomi turned Dreamcast title has done the legendary Italian car manufacturer proud. The game is definitely the most realistic console racing simulation created thus far, with excellent support for racing peripherals such as the “Thrustmaster” which, despite its humorous name, is a great, sturdy Dreamcast wheel. The game features just the one car, which can be off putting, and also is quite limited in scope for a single player title.

    However, the game rewards persistence and, with practice, completion of the championship mode yields new courses. The multiplayer mode, while restricted to merely 2 players, is fantastic, retaining all the full detail of the single player game and its rock-sold 60 frames per second. The game isn’t for everyone, and certainly isn’t the Dreamcast’s answer to Gran Turismo, that meaning a universally appealing racer which is fun for racing enthusiasts and arcade drivers alike. That will be up to Sega GT and Metropolis Street Racer. However, F355 is fantastic for what it is: a hardcore racing simulation. If you live, breathe, and sleep cars, this is an essential title.

  • Test Drive Le Mans

    The AI and challenge are second to none.
    The announcement of a Dreamcast port of the PlayStation Test Drive Le Mans didn't excite anyone. The PSX game is, for all intents and purposes, crap with a capital "K." Yet, here we are, looking at Test Drive Le Mans -- one of the best racers ever released. Brilliant, simply stunning graphics and amazing track design including the famed Le Mans course make it a must have for any racing fan. Any game that will let you take on the 24 hour (that's in real-time, too) Le Mans course deserves to be played at least once. Once you get your hands behind the wheel and experience one of if not the best racer on the market today, once won't be enough.

    The courses are just amazing and look true to their real-life counterparts as do all of the numerous vehicles to race. Maintaining 30 FPS even with over two dozen vehicles on the track, the game still pushes the Dreamcast further with many other great details (the sparks and flare from breaks, the amazing grass textures, etc.). The game is also a joy to play, with three selectable difficulty levels (involving CPU assists) and great analog support for both the standard pad and the steering wheel. While it doesn't quite match the realism of Ferrari F355 Challenge, the game has enough options to satisfy gear heads while remaining arcade-y enough to let anyone take a spin.

  • Sega GT

    Want to build your fantasy car? This is your game.
    Dubbed Sega's Gran Turismo killer, Sega GT is the mechanics' games of choice on the Dreamcast. While its graphics may no longer impress gamers as it they once did, the simulation heart and depth of Sega GT still make it a great racer. Although the car selection still doesn't quite match that of Sony's car game, Sega GT has one great advantage to overcome such a blemish -- you can build your own car. Earn parts by winning racers and create your own custom vehicle. The possible combinations is still baffling.

    It's the wealth of options which make Sega GT great. While the courses aren't that impressive themselves and the game only allows six competitors in a race, no other game has yet to beat Sega GT as the simulation racer of choice on the Dreamcast. While Ferrari F355 Challenge may have it beat on realism and Test Drive Le Mans on courses and opponents, Sega GT is still a great, challenging racer with the greatest amount of variety of them all.

  • Wacky Races

    The cel-shaded graphics capture the cartoons perfectly.
    Even the most hardcore of realistic racing fans would find it hard not to appreciate the charms of Hanna Barbara’s cartoon creations. This Mario Kart-style racer obviously was a labour of love for its developers, who’ve successfully recreated the cartoon’s unique atmosphere in this audio visual treat.

    Wacky Races features a great 4 player multiplayer option, and also a Diddy Kong Racing-style single player game, where the player must collect stars by racing through a variety of courses set in typical video game environments (forest, snow, canyon, etc.) The graphics are as gorgeous as the gameplay is standard. While it may not require loads of skill and the characters aren’t all balanced as well as they could be, Wacky Races is nonetheless a great kart racer and the best one on the Dreamcast so far.

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