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Best DC Unique Games

Not every game is easily pigeon-holed into a genre, but that doesn't mean there aren't any excellent, genre-busting titles out there. In fact, the Dreamcast has quite of few games which are excellent in their own right and well worth purchasing.

  • Samba de Amigo

    Shake shake shake!
    Much like how you really need guns to enjoy House of the Dead 2, you really need a set of maracas to play Samba de Amigo. If you don't have them (and chances are this late in the game you can't), then you might as well skip this segment and read about the next game. However, if you are willing to buy a used set of the Sega maracas (most third-party ones aren't nearly as effective), then you'll have on your hands one of the most exhausting yet fun video game experiences around.

    Samba de Amigo is the perfect party game. You shake some sticks to the beat of music. Everyone has seen maracas, and unless you have friends with hooks for hands, everyone can use them. The concept is similar to Dance Dance Revolution -- mimic the character on screen to the beat of the music. Sounds simple, maybe even boring, but Samba de Amigo is nothing but. As long as you don't fear making a complete fool out of yourself, there are few game experiences as enjoyable as Samba de Amigo.

  • Crazy Taxi

    Bet you didn't know taxis could fly.
    Another Naomi conversion turned Dreamcast hit. In this zany racer you take control of a cabby racing around two San Francisco-esque cities, picking up customers and dropping them at their required destinations by any means necessary. It's a race against the clock, resulting in no-holds-barred racing around the two cities, flying off hills and screeching around bends. Although some may argue that the game isn't too deep, they're missing the fact that this is a score-driven game. The idea is to practice and improve, bettering your score each time; therein lies the charm. Those who require unlockable knick-knacks to keep them busy may want to look elsewhere.

    In addition to the regular game, the crazy box mode puts you in a variety of challenging scenarios, and requires that you absolutely master the control of your cab. This is a great 'take turns' multiplayer game, to see who can get the best scores. The graphics are smooth and feature minimal pop-up. Although once completed it's not great for long sessions, it has that addictive "one more go" quality of nearly all Sega's arcade titles. Crazy Taxi is definitely worth checking out if you don't take your racers too seriously, or just want some hardcore arcade-style fun.

  • Seaman

    Seaman and companion look at their air sucker.
    The moment you pick up Seaman, you know something's not right with the world. The bizarre package cover, the inclusion of a microphone, narration by Leonard Nimoy... No... This isn't just an ordinary game, but then it's not really much of a game at all. So why does it make the best games list? Because, game or not, Seaman stands as one of the best pieces of software released for the Dreamcast.

    Raising Seaman may sound dull at first, but once you pick up the bundled microphone and begin conversing to it/him/whatever through your Dreamcast, you know you're in for a treat. Seaman is an experience no Dreamcast owner should miss out on. Between Seaman's rambling about the state of the world and religion to asking and remembering personal information gathered about you, Seaman is a remarkably display of game design and technology. You won't hear Pikachu making cracks about your occupation or catch him mating with a Jigglypuff, but Seaman does all that and more. Seaman lets us all experiment a bit with life and learn more about ourselves, and what other game can make that claim?

  • Jet Grind Radio

    Remember kids: defiling property is only fun in games.
    Jet Grind Radio's claim to fame lay in its cel-shaded art -- it's the first game to use it, and the game does look nice. The 3-D "living cartoon" style of Jet Grind Radio is hard to pass up and harder to put down once you start getting into the rhythm of the game. Between the excellent soundtrack, innovative gameplay, and infinite grinding, Jet Grind Radio is a weird mesh of styles that somehow just clicks in all the right places.

    You gradually accumulate gang members to mark your territory with tags. Of course, the cops don't like this and will do everything in their power to stop you, even if it means calling in the military to take you out for good. While the game oozes more style than should legally be allowed, one of the best aspects of the game is the ability to design and save your own tags. You can even download tags from the Internet, adding new life to the whole "paint the town" red gameplay. While Jet Grind Radio does start off slow and is a bit awkward at first, soon you'll be grinding and painting like a pro, all the while dodging gun fire, gas bombs, and tanks. It's just a fun Sega game, and, well, that's why you own a Dreamcast, isn't it?

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